A Special Bond

In this photo, the little girl and her grandpa squat on the floor and watch TV in the middle of the mall. Yes, IN THE MALL. Funny how you go through all that trouble to take them out of the house and away from the darn boob tube, only for them to still find a way to watch TV….in the mall of all places! There they were sitting silently together the whole time. Not a care in the world what’s going on around them or who’s looking.


We all know how little girls adore their daddies, but there is much that can be said about the special bond grandfathers share with their granddaughters. A kind of magic that’s hard to define. All I know is that when they see each other, they both enter into their own little bubble and forget about everything and everyone else.

Every time that happens, I choose to watch by the sidelines and let that warm fuzzy feeling settle in my bones. šŸ™‚


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