Trip to Zoobic Safari

A few weeks ago, I got to tag along with my kid in her first ever field trip. I was thrilled when the school said that family can tag along, provided you’re willing to shell out the ‘per head’ fees. With that, my kid ended up with three chaperones. I think we were far more excited than she was. haha. Well, who wouldn’t be? One of the destinations of that trip was the Zoobic Safari in Subic.

No lengthy narratives here.  I’ll let the photos do the talking.

091 092

A lot of “Z”s happening in these two photos…093 094
They should have named this spot the “Zerpentarium”. I know, I’m corny like that. haha. Moving on….  096

Ze animals…

The first attraction was the miniature horses to which the child exclaimed “Aaaaw…what a cutie!” but I don’t which horse she was referring to.

099 100

She got to pet a goat


And then we got to meet these magnificent camels! 

118106Such adorable creatures! 117
We saw these wild boars too

121And a Bearcat 
123 124

Some deer 125
Oh look it’s Bambi! And ummm….friends. Yes, Bambi and friends. It’s a new movie haven’t you heard? Please don’t take me seriously 🙂

Albino Carabaos 
130 131

“WHEN WILL THIS AGONY EVER END?!” the distraught monkey mumbles to himself

135 Welcome to Bird Thrill! 136

I was surprised that they opened the cage and let us in.

My reaction was “Wait a minute! Is it safe?!”137 This little dude was just chilling on the concrete. Ngeeeeeee. 138 Those beaks. Those sharp black beaks. *shiver*139The cutie and the albino python  

Boarding the caged jeep to experience the “close encounter” with the Zoobic tigers 
We were in the backseat 
Tiger sighting! 
I know…these tigers are enormous!!!  156 My mother was praying the novena at this point157 158
Check out the size of that head! 160Scary! 
163 164
Apparently, the tigers in Zoobic are a hybrid of Siberian tigers and Bengal tigers which explains their size. I’ve never seen tigers this big before so this is so worth traveling to Subic for. 165If you don’t think the “close encounter” was thrilling enough, wait till they bring you to the tiger’s pit where the distance of the tigers from the humans is but a few feet away. It was a whole stretch of cages that holds these ginormous tigers and visitors have to pass through a narrow hallway. We were so close, I can literally poke a tiger, but I won’t.   
A white tiger with the most gorgeous gray eyes167We also got to visit the Aeta’s trail 

Where they performed a few dance numbers for us 

She loves the camera 
Last stop was the Croco Loco 176 177 These guys were still the whole time.  The only action I saw was when somebody dropped a whole chicken into the lake. Scary. 178 This is the mode of transportation that goes around the whole twenty-five hectare stretch of Zoobic  179I only got to show you some of the animals that we saw in the zoo. There were actually a whole lot more! We had to ride the bus to get into the area where ostriches and wild boars strangely co-exist. We weren’t allowed to get off the bus as the ostriches are not very friendly creatures.

 The zoo is quite big which was a pleasant surprise. My kid kept asking “is there more? is there more?” and I’m glad I got to tell her “yes Anak, there’s more!”. She seemed super satisfied and exhausted by end of the day. We were in the zoo for a total of about two and a half hours, so that’s not bad at all. I guess if we wanted to stay longer we could have, but since we were in a group tour, we had to keep up with the rest. I would imagine you can stay longer especially during those days where they have scheduled shows. They will be offering a night safari option soon so I bet that will be another thrilling experience on its own.

This is the first local zoo that I’ve genuinely enjoyed. The tour guides are smart and competent and the upkeep of the place is highly commendable. If you want to plan your visit to Zoobic, you can check their Facebook page here or their website here.


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  1. Fun! Looks like super enjoy si Tala! And in fairness the tiger looks so scary! *faint*

    Natawa ako sa “I can literally poke the tiger!”. Haha!

  2. So ano, let’s do our field trip na here?? Aimee, Tala and Lia could really pass as sisters. They’ve got a lot of similarities 🙂

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