New Sponsors!

I know…I know… I thought I’ve wrapped up the prizes for the giveaway on March 4, but sometimes fate has its way of knocking on your door and throwing more goodies your way. And God knows I wouldn’t say no to that! 🙂

Another prize that will be given away is an MS Paint Portrait by Pauba (digital file). Pauba is a good friend of mine, that’s actually short for Pauline Balba. This talented young artist uses MS Paint for her portraits. This was my 2012 avatar if you remember.


Mr. D in the house!

When she was 2 years old420942_10150611875893845_1944533300_n

A lot of people appreciate the character of her artworks and some have even commissioned her to make portraits that can be translated into framed pieces.


That’s her and Ariel. She made lovely portraits of him with his mom, Mommy Elvie.

15937_194317888844_5375825_nYou can spot some of her artworks on display in the Iscreamist.

One winner will be win a digital file portrait from Pauba 🙂

Another sponsor is my good friend Adee. I’ve been convincing her to set up shop and looks like all that nagging is starting to work as she is already in the process of setting up her own online store. I blogged about the Wrapping Paper book  she gave me for Christmas which sparked the curiosity of a lot of readers.

It’s a book that has 32 sheets of dainty waterproof wrappers! A sheet of wrapper will stretch out to around 18″x13″. Here are some photos of my own Wrapping Paper Book!

016 019 020 0211

And here are some images she sent for better appreciation paper book 1n2 paper book 2b paper book1a paper book2a paperbook1b

She is giving not just one, but three wrapping paper books!

Tune in on March 4 to find out how you can win these cool prizes! 🙂

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