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In last week’s post, I shared a sneak peek of my recent photo shoot with husband and wife creative duo, JPaul and Nadj Zaragoza. To be honest, I was pretty anxious days before the shoot. You see, I can be pretty awkward on cam. That explains my signature “WOW” pose which I do often in Facebook. It’s like my default pose when I can’t think of any other pose.

Just to give you a visual (brace yourselves people!), I do an “O” with my mouth and I stick out my three fingers on both hands to make a “W”. I can just imagine Tala all grown up, cringing as she browses through the horror that is her mom’s collection of “WOW” photos. Maybe in the future I can use it to blackmail her. “Be home by 10pm or I’ll tag your friends in my WOW album”. haha.

To prepare for the shoot, I flipped through some magazines to get  ideas on how to pose for the camera. I see a lot of those hands-on-waist type of poses with matching modelesque pouts. They really look good on the models. Unfortunately, when I tried it in front of the mirror, I just looked severely constipated.

Finally, the couple sent me some shoot pegs which thankfully, put my mind at ease. I was happy to know that we weren’t going for the usual glam type of shoot. Instead, it’s all about being comfortable with myself and just bringing out my personality, or in this case, my utter weirdness. haha.

Here are the photos! Aimee5


Here’s the back story:  they asked me to bring props. On the day of the shoot, I slept through the alarm and when I woke up, I rushed to randomly pick out stuff and this book plus a few others were one of the first things I managed to grab. I guess the reaction suits the book. This is one hell of a scary book. Aimee4 Aimee3

Some books in my collection Aimee2 I see youAimee1

I had so much fun in the photo-shoot!

Special thanks to Nadj for making me look like a human being. It was actually my first time to be airbrushed. Now I know why brides are all gung-ho about the whole airbrushed look. It stays long and really feels like second skin! And JPaul was an amazing photographer. He allowed me to be playful and fun, and made me feel completely at ease with his art direction. This guy does a lot of pretty amazing photos so it was a privilege to have my photo taken by him.

So are you ready for some good news? 🙂

I know I’ve been talking about a blogversary giveaway for a while and forgive me if it’s taking too long to launch. Sorry for that. I am officially targeting March 4 for the big giveaway and one of the prizes that I’m giving away to ONE winner is the chance to have her/his own photo-shoot done by photographer JPaul Zaragoza.

And to make the winner extra pretty that day (or handsome if it’s a guy) makeup will be done by professional makeup artist Nadj Zaragoza.


And to complete the whole celebrity photo-shoot experience, that special shoot will be done in Red Talent Studio! To know more details about them, you can like their Facebook page here.

So make sure to practice those model poses, because you might just win a cool photo shoot for yourself! Isn’t that exciting? 🙂

RED Agency Setcard 2012

P.S. More prizes will be revealed this week, so stay tuned. 🙂


37 thoughts on “Quirky Photos

  1. Gorgeous and hot momma! Oh-my-G! You’re sooo pretty and hot in the photos, Aimee! Just like the saying goes…”Ikaw na!”. Winnnerrrr! Great photos! I want that giveaway! Hahaha!

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous Aimee!! I super love, you are super sexy!!! Wee! Looking forward to yoyr blogversary!! 🙂

  3. Wow! Wow, wow, wow! Really pretty shots! Love love love! Oooh I’d love to have a “beauty shot” (ANTM ang peg heehee) like yours! 🙂

  4. Keeping mg fingers crossed i’d win on your blogversary and give the price to my hubby instead. It’s his bday on march 4 hehehe 🙂

  5. You look gorgeous, Aimee! I have to confess, I skimmed past the words and spent most of my time looking at your photos! I LOVE the one of you wearing glasses! 🙂

  6. Hello Aimee – i’m one of your ‘lurkers’ (i.e., frequent visitor, infrequent commenter). I stumbled on your blog while you were on your weight loss journey and it inspired me too! I’ve lost 5kg since then 🙂

    So now, I just have to ask… WHERE did you get that dress you had on for the shoot? I love it!

    • Hi Lannie! Thank you so much for reading my little blog. It’s nice to finally “meet” you! So happy that you were able to lose that much weight! Good job! As for your question, the dress is from Forever 21. It’s actually 3 dress sizes bigger as I bought it during my heavier days. The makeup artist just had to use bull clips to fasten it at the back and make sure it doesn’t slip. Haha.

  7. Aimee! I love you photos! And I am now promising myself I will do something like this once I get the same flat belly as yours! Wahahaha (hmmm now seriously considering learning how to bike)

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