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I miss doing book-related posts. I’ve always been very diligent with my book reviews but as of late, I’ve just opted to jump from one book to the next without documenting my thoughts. So for this post, I’ve decided to do a collective review, and with time stamps too. I know. I’m such a geek.

Jan 23 – Finished Catching Fire and I loved it! Katniss Everdeen has truly become one of my favorite literary heroines. I know she’s only seventeen but she’s tough as nails, has fierce survival skills and can effortlessly shoot an arrow on target. These are kind of skills that will come in handy when you live in a twisted dystopian world where they send off kids to kill each other in the Hunger Games arena. ย Like the first book which I’ve enjoyed immensely, this book has its share of surprises as well as some twists and turns that will leave your heart racing with every turn of the page. And yes, the book is a cliffhanger (I hope you don’t consider that a spoiler) which is why you have to immediately move on to the next book.


Jan 28 – Finally got to finish “Mockingjay” and in this last installment of the Hunger Games, things have turned from bad to worse. If I were to to rank all three books in terms of gore & brutality, I would say this book really takes the cake. Killings and violence abound everywhere, not to mention the continuous fight for revenge and survival. It’s safe to say that there is not a single boring moment in this book. And for the hopeless romantics, this book also reveals what happens in the love triangle that involves Katniss, Gale and Peeta. ย This series has seriously made a BIG fan out of me. I will now forever be thrilled when I hear these words being uttered “And may the odds be ever in your favor”.


February 8 – I got the chance to read another Gillian Flynn novel. Yall know how big a fan I am of her after I’ve read Gone Girl and Sharp Objects. Her works are nothing like anything I’ve ever read before. The way she writes the stories and describes the scenarios, you really get transported into the gritty scenes as if you were breathing the same air as the characters. The way she builds up towards a conflict or a twist is just totally unexpected and can shock you to the core. It makes you wonder the kind of inner workings that goes on in her head. Really mind-boggling.

Coming from her two books, this one is equally as engaging and is by far, one of the most terrifying books I’ve ever read bar none. Well, anything that involves senseless killings and satanic rituals will really give you the chills don’t you think? Generally, when it comes to movies or books, we all have our set limits. Like we’re okay to watch anything with ghosts but will draw the line when it comes to flesh-eating zombies. In this case, this book is where I draw the line as far as the kind of terror I can take. The content was a little too much for me. Nonetheless it doesn’t make it any less brilliant. But trust me when I say I will never reread this book ever again. It gave me nightmares.


February 14 – In the attempt to recover from my last book, I moved on to The Fault in Our Stars, yes just in time for Valentine’s. This is my second John Green book. The first being “Looking for Alaska”. Similar to the first book I’ve read, this one deals with troubled teenagers who deal with a lot of very adult situations. The characters often try to find the meaning of life and like talking about metaphorical resonances. Of course, teenagers talk like this only in John Green’s world. The book is endearing and has a lot of very soft and tender moments that you’d like to memorize and store in your memory bank forever. It speaks of love amidst tragedy. I can fully understand how a lot of people gush endlessly when they talk about the love story of Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace.


I know, I’ve been reading a lot. Technically, there should be two more books included in this roster, namely Pride & Prejudice and Casual Vacancy. I’ve managed to read a few chapters from each book but I can’t seem to get myself to finish them. Will do. Someday.

Over the weekend, I started reading through this book. I will reserve judgement until I’ve finished it but if the first few chapters are any indication of how the story will progress, than I think this one is going to be a clear favorite. I love that there are photos in between chapters. Very eerie photos. It adds to the whole dynamic of the story as it makes it larger-than-life. I can’t wait to finish this one.


How about you, what are your recent reads? Care to share? ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. My recent reads for 2013: Steve Jobs’ autobioraphy and Perks of Being A Wallflower. I’m now re-reading the Harry Potter series – now in book 2. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m taking note of the books on your list.

  2. I am half way through Gone Girl… Liking it so far… Started with it because of your recommendation… Is Sharp Objects also good? But i dont think i will try Dark Places.

  3. The Hunger Games series is <3! I will forever love Katniss Everdeen. Can't wait for the movie adaptation of Catching Fire. Hopefully they'll do justice to the book.

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