Pampered in Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell

After a day of roughing it out in Timberland, my body was aching all over. HA. I guess I’m not as fit as I thought I was. Thankfully, I was able to recover from all that manly biking through an afternoon of girly pampering in Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell in Megamall.


Yup, nothing says “girly” more than pink walls. Nail spas are definitely our kind of haven ladies.


I know it’s all about Chevron now but I’ve always loved Damask wall patterns and for me, it will never go out of style. 

Little girl tagged along. And yes she adores the pink walls. Her face says it all 🙂 045

I tried the Primadonna Foot Spa which started with a relaxing bubbly foot soak


And it involved a lot of massaging and sloughing off of dry skin. Believe me, I have a lot of those. Eeeek.  Afterwhich my feet were wrapped in cellophane and were made to cocoon in these funky pink insulated socks. 056

And since I’m a gel nail polish virgin, they offered to let me try the service. I’ve been hearing about gel polish for quite sometime but I’ve never tried it, so this was definitely a treat for me! The nail technician started out by brushing my nails with what looks similar to a kabuki brush. 065

Meanwhile while that was happening, this lady was working on my hands.   058

I chose this red brick brown shade for my gel nail polish.  I’m not familiar with the brand but it seems like there are only certain brands that do gel. Apart from gel, this nail spa also offers a wide array of imported nail lacquer shades from Orly, O.P.I., Essie and China Glaze. 059

Gel nail polish follows a totally different process as compared to the usual mani and pedi. They use an anti-fungus solution first, followed by a base to keep the gel intact. After applying a layer of gel polish, they dried my nails with the use of LED lights. Talk about high tech!  The nail technician had to time it at 30 seconds for every drying time interval. 061062

LED on my hands and feet. Not exactly something you see everyday!  Yes that little tushy that you see in the corner is my little girl taking her afternoon nap. 067And voila! After several applications of the gel nail polish, here’s the finished product! It’s super shiny and you can already tell how thick and sturdy it is just by looking at it! Believe me, I tried to purposely chip it just to see if its as strong as they claim it to be. Nothing. Not even a scratch. As compared to the usual nail polish, gel nail polish should last you a good two to three weeks! In the nail polish world, that is totally unheard of! My regular manicure usually lasts me just 3 days before it starts chipping around the edges. Pedicures usually last longer. I am posting this entry 6 days post-polish and believe me, my nails haven’t changed one bit!


After my hours of bliss at the Nail Spa Lounge, I strapped on my sandals and spent the rest of the afternoon with some fabulous mom bloggers.  Will blog about that soon! 073
Oh before I forget…here’s something for the readers, get your digits ready because Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell is also one of the sponsors of my blogversary giveaway, and they are giving three winners a chance to try their amazing services! Details soon! 🙂    

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  1. Ooohh I’m excited for the giveaway hahaha. I’ve just recently discovered the joys of having a mani-pedi. Oh yes I’m a (super) late bloomer!

  2. Love your nail polish! I’ll join your giveaway!

    I haven’t tried gel polish but I’ve experienced the led lights already. “Nail It” uses led lights too.

  3. Aha! Bagong mani pedi ka pala during the playdate. Ok ok confession: I was looking at your nails last Sunday kasi I like the gloss on your nails. I wasn’t able to ask you lang. I too am a gel polish virgin so must try ko yan. 🙂

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