Since this whole week was all about acquiring beauty stuff, I thought that a beauty post was in order. Come to think of it, it’s been ages since I’ve blogged about anything beauty-related! So for you ladies out there who love all things-beauty, I bet your pretty manicured fingers that you’ll love this one 🙂

Here are my recent buys. Human Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation in Honey (P495). They ran out of Caramel which is my exact shade so I settled for Honey which is slightly more fair. I’d rather have that than nothing. This is my third compact as the Beauty Bar I go to doesn’t sell refills. Bummer. Styli-Style Brow Tint (on sale now in Beauty Bar at P327.25 versus original price at P595), In2It waterproof blush (P299) and the Loreal Lucent Magique liquid foundation (P895). Total damage for all four items is P 2,016.25.  Not bad I think.


Let me talk about the Loreal Lucent Magique liquid foundation first as every Loreal girl seems to be excited that this new line has recently debuted  in local shores. This baby’s unique selling point is its “light-infusing” capabilities. I swatched it on my jawline and the G4 Gold Shell shade seems to be a very close match to my skin tone and you know you’re wearing the right shade when the product disappears into your skin. I also noticed its brightening effect. Promising I think.


To compare it with my old bottle of Le Teint True Match in G3 Golden Beige which I’ve used to the last drop, the bottle is taller and sleeker. The pump is copper-colored and looks high-end. But truth be told the Le Teint is still more expensive because it’ is medium to heavy coverage, whereas the Lucent Magique is just light to medium.

The Lucent foundation I got is yellow-er than my previous foundation. Perfect for my yellow skin undertone.

Next, I’m trying out this coral water-proof blush from In2It. The shade is called 05 Temptation. The reason I bought this was because my default Body Shop lip and cheek tint is now back to it’s original price of P795 when it used to be P350 just a few weeks ago. I didn’t feel like shelling out so much for something I used to get half-off so I took that as an opportunity to try other brands. The coral shade of this one is very flattering to morena skin. I’ve swatched all their shades and this was the one that made me gasp. haha. There’s a tiny bit of shimmer on it but not too much that it makes you look like a disco ball.  I have high-hopes for this cheap find. High hopes.


I’m giving this Styli-Style Brow Tint a try and I think I’ve found myself a promising dupe for the K-Palette two way eyebrow pencil. I love that the tip is thick like that of a real marker so you literally feel like you’re just drawing your eyebrows on. I also love the small but thick packaging. Very cute.


Here’s a sample swatch (Pardon my dry hands).  This product is super long-wearing, it’s almost freaky. You can sweat all day, try to rub the darn thing off and it won’t budge I’m telling you! I bet if you go swimming with this on, your eyebrows will remain intact.  So that can be either a good thing or a bad thing. You also need some practice with this one. I learned that at times the tip doesn’t deliver any product at all, but once you tilt it, the sides of the marker packs on the color. I know, I can be pretty technical when I road test cosmetics, it’s almost funny.


And yes going back to the dry skin, that has been my skin problem for what seems like forever. I can’t wait to hoard Aveeno lotions when I visit Duty Free in two weeks.

So now let’s move on to the “show and tell” gift section part of this post. No it’s not my birthday. The first photo you see below is a Christmas gift. The rest are gifts from my husband’s relatives.

037This came in a gift set with a  loofah and a travel-sized body wash. I’ve been toting this body butter in my bag and I am loving the subtle feminine scent.


This Sephora lip palette is amazeballs. All shades have a nice shimmer to it and are extremely wearable. Swatched the shades on my arm. Ain’t these colors purrty? 🙂

010 Victoria’s Secrets scents were my go-to scents in College so receiving this gift set, brings back some good ol’ memories.


Now this is the gift that managed to elicit a few loud shrieks from me. Yeah you know me, I get a mani and pedi every two weeks so when I saw this I was hopping around like an over-excited bunny. All I can say is, my husband sure has some pretty awesome relatives! They know me too well! haha.

So that’s that. 🙂

How about you? Any recent beauty acquisitions?

11 thoughts on “Prettify

  1. Can i just say that your husband has the coolest relatives? 🙂
    yaikes! Nahiya naman ako bigla. I’m a powder and lipgloss kinda girl lng, minsan wala pa. Kaya pag may nakita kayong taong naglalakad na pwede ng pagprituhan ang face or kaya naman sobrang putla na.. baka ako yun 🙂

    • Yes his relatives are the coolest! 🙂 in my tamad days, I’m just powder, lipgloss + kilay. Before Tala, I used to do the whole face-contouring and eyeshadow blending pa. Haha. Had to cut down to just the basics. I look better with less gook on my fez. Hehe

  2. Okay, I will order na that Human Nature Foundation because of you hahaha! Wait, do you wet the puff and use it as wet foundation or you use the L’Oreal Foundation first then the Human Nature as loose powder?

    • Hi Cris! I use it as loose powder on top of my liquid foundation. But on lazy days, I just use it alone. You should definitely try it! I find that of all the brands I’ve used Human Nature really knows pinay skin. 🙂 The shades are so natural!

  3. I just had the most random idea of googling for my exact shade in l’oreal lucent magique and checking out the blogger with exactly the same skin tone as me. Which foundation matches you more G3 (true match) or G4 (lucent magique)? The latter matches me perfectly.

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