Sunday Ride

It’s no secret that my Sunday afternoons are devoted to biking. My husband and I go on bike dates, whether it be to Church, the local cafe or to run errands. I used to bike for half an hour everyday but ever since I’ve reached my minimum ideal weight, I’ve decided to cut down on biking and do it only on weekends. For those curious, I was 149lbs in August. I just weighed myself yesterday and I’m at 118lbs. If I lose any more pounds I would be dreadfully underweight. You can read about how I shed those pounds here.

With my usual gear on, and if not for the fitted jersey and the pony tail, I kinda look like a dude. Perhaps I need to invest on girly bike gear, so cars will think twice before they cut me on the road. haha.


It was an okay ride albeit a little uncomfortable because of the intense heat. I used to complain about the heat but the husband says I’m not a real biker if I keep whining about the heat. He says the unpredictable weather and the challenging trails are all part and parcel of the adventures of being a rider. Fine. So now I don’t complain. Well just a bit, but very quietly to myself.Β We almost reached our destination when he hit a flat tire along Kamias Road in QC, no thanks to a piece of broken glass on the road. Go figure.

Here was the husband and my bro-in-law changing the flat tire, something I need to learn to do one of these days.


As soon as we got the tire fixed, we rode to Kamuning where I finally got to visit the HQ of Takatak Project. I’ve blogged about Takatak a number of times before and I’m glad I finally got to meet Mary Velmonte, the owner. Hi Mary! πŸ™‚

Took some pics of the new designs





This one Β is huge!


When I got there, they were currently working on painting these owls. Cute!Β 070

Good news is, something from their Spring collection will be part of the prizes to be given away during my blogversary next month. Yes, there will be a giveaway. So stay tuned for that. πŸ™‚ Β For more details about Takatak Project, like their Facebook page.

After the ride to Kamuning, we decided to recharge in Uncle Moe’s at Teacher’s Village. So my question is, when was the last time you had a Shawarma? It’s been more than a year for me. No kidding.


Husband ordered a Kebab Platter with Buttered Rice


Bro-in-law on the other hand had waaaay too much of this. That’s Ox brain. The last time I had huge servings of this, I suffered from the worst headache ever. I’ve learned my lesson since.076

And then like always, we had to do our requisite stop to the nearest bike store. These fixed-gear bikes are fancy. I bet pricey too.


Bikes galore. Definitely my husband’s version of Disneyland.

It was dark when we got home but just in time for Church and lots of time to hang-out with the little girl. I can’t wait till she’s big enough to ride her own bike so we can take her around town. Or maybe we should get one of those three-seater bikes. Hmmm. That should be fun. πŸ™‚

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