Sharing some snaps from my weekend. I got to hang out with the parentals and since Daddy was out-of-town for work and the yaya went home to celebrate their fiesta, it was just me, the grandparents and the little girl.

Arm candy toddler version


What I love about kids clothes is that if you really know where to look, you can find some pretty cheap but stylish clothes. Bought the whole outfit (minus the shoes) in Market! Market! The whole ensemble is the price of a McDonald’s two-piece chicken meal. I don’t feel guilty at all buying cheap play clothes since she grows out of them after two to three uses. Plus the fabric on these clothes are not bad at all!


We trooped to MOA on this dark gloomy day. We thought it was going to rain. Thank God the sun came out. This huge ferris wheel stands majestically by the bay side. People who are familiar with the Singapore eye tend to snicker when they hear that it’s called “MOA eye”. They really should have named it something else. The little girl was begging to go for a ride but the grandparents were a little freaked out. They’re not a fan of heights.


Grandpa and granddaughter. I love taking candid photos. I find that with the little girl, I really don’t have to wait long to capture golden moments like this.


First time to try this resto. We were invited to have lunch with relatives from Australia. This resto is near Italianni’s.


Ordered the Tori Teriyaki Hana Bento.


The Sashimi is TO-DIE-FOR


After lunch and photo-ops with the relatives. The little girl hung out here by the entrance of the resto. She calls this area “the creek” and was convinced that there was a frog around here somewhere.


Vanity shot. I’m all about comfort dressing. When you’re chasing a toddler who is simply one big ball of bouncing energy, you need to make sure you’re dressed for chasing.


My Yosi Samras are my current walking artillery. I think I need another pair. Also, after a year of gathering dust in my closet, I finally remembered to use my Dooney & Bourke bag. I like the classic design as it goes with anything. You have to make sure to pack light though. The brass details make the bag kind of heavy. Loose printed top is from Elle and shorts are from Market! Market! (my own version of Divisoria).


The little girl missed the family photo-op because she refused to leave her “creek”. But I managed to persuade her to leave the resto when I said we were going for ice cream. Technically, yogurt isn’t ice cream but she doesn’t know that yet. I’ll explain when she’s older. Here’s  a pic of her saying her “before meals” prayer.  Yes, before dessert. 042

She’s counting the fruit loops in her Wizard’s Hat. I eat my White Hat plain. Yup it’s a calorie-thing.

It was a long and tiring day which ended with a sizzling plate of this for dinner. Bibimbap sure was a yummy and filling way to end the day.

So how was your Saturday? Hope it was just as fun, if not funner! 🙂

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  1. Super like your outfit 🙂 (i thin u posted this one also in IG)and Tala is getting prettier and prettier and looks adorable in candid pictures!!!! magiging hearthrob yan I know 🙂

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