We have a rather unusual pet at home. The little girl took the liberty of christening him with the name “Bokbok”. Perhaps derived from the clucking sound he makes. She sings and dances in circles around him. She even pets him like a puppy. And strangely enough, Bokbok just stays put every time she plays with his feathers. He seems to like being touched. I get freaked out every time the little girl just swoops in and grabs Bokbok for fear that she might get pecked or something. But no, he’s just unusually cool and calm all the time…for a chicken.


She shares little conversations with Bokbok. Of course, it’s really a one-way thing. I overhead her once asking Bokbok if he already used the potty. Sometimes she would beg us to go outside so she can play with her pet. She even brings out her toys to entertain him.


Honestly, I have yet to warm up to the guy. He kind of umm….intimidates me. He feels like this little stranger who walks around aimlessly in our backyard. Every time the little girl squeals in delight and calls him “my little cutie!” I can’t help but get shivers down my spine. Sure, I can imagine puppies or kittens as little cuties but this full-sized rooster? Come on!

Oh well, what the heck. If Bokbok makes her happy, then I should be happy too right? I’m sure Bokbok will grow on me eventually. I certainly hope so. In the meantime, I hope nobody from the neighborhood swipes him from our backyard and makes chicken tinola (a Filipino dish) out of him. I wouldn’t want that smile on my kid’s face to disappear.

P.S. And yes, just so it’s clear, that is chicken poop.


7 thoughts on “Chicken

  1. Sorry, Aimee but can I say I love BokBok?! My Lolo has lots of chicken when I was younger and like Tala, I pet them too! Weird ba?! Haha!

    Basta I love chickens! Basta wag lang manunuka! Teehee! šŸ™‚

  2. I get intimidated by roosters too. I have this crazy thought that they’ll run after me. But I agree with Em. Tala looks so amused! Enamored by a chicken. Sa puti! Sa puti!

  3. A…. I just remembered your story about your Dad’s tadpoles…. jaraannnn!!! Now it’s Tala’s and Bokbok’s turn… :D… what’s with these animals hehehe!!!

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