2012: The Year That Was

I know this is quite late as it’s already the second of January but I might as well do this now before this post turns stale.

2012 was a year of surprises. Like every regular human being, I went through some ups and downs. But since my goal for 2013 is to keep focusing on the positive, I won’t dwell on the not-so-good points of last year and just focus on what made last year an amazing one:

  • In January, I decided to return to my old job. It took me two extremely stressful jobs in 2011 to make me realize how much I wanted my old job back and on that note, my old life back. Although the two high-powered jobs were financially-rewarding, I didn’t like the person I morphed into. I became a drone running from one client meeting to the next with my laptop in tow, having 2-3 hour pre-production meetings, working on a presentation on Sunday night, getting client calls at 10 in the evening….it was insane. Everyone seemed happy about the work I churned out. Everyone but me. I realized that really wasn’t the life that I wanted for myself. I thought I was doing our family a favor by taking on those jobs but I literally felt like I was losing myself in the process. And at some point when I felt like I hit rock bottom, the man upstairs picked me up and made things happen.
  • In March, I won a vacation in Puerto Princesa Palawan through Dainty Mom’s blog giveaway. It was quite a serendipitous moment considering how vocal I was on twitter about how much I wanted to visit Palawan. True enough, she hosted a blog giveaway with a Palawan tour and accommodation as prize so I just had to join! And when the results came in, and with about 3,000++ entries in her giveaway, my entry won! Can you believe that?
  • In April, we got to take a family vacation in Ilocos Norte. I’ve always wanted to go there as I’ve heard amazing stories about Ilocos Norte. We got to see the Burgos lighthouse, Kapurpurawan rock formation, the majestic windmills, Pagudpud and all the other touristy spots. We’ve also had our fill of the infamous Pinakbet pizza, crispy dinuguan and Ilocos empanada. 3 days and 2 nights is not enough to experience Ilocos. I can’t wait to come back.
  • 036Also on the same month was when the husband bought me a bike. I scrunched my nose and didn’t know what to make of it. I just stared at it for a long time and then decided I might as well use it to see what the big deal was. In my head I was like “Fine nanjan na eh! Eh di gamitin!”.
  • In May, I have rekindled my love for books and it has been an amazing journey ever since. See my 2012 Year in Books post here.
  • In June, we decided to enroll my then two-year old child in toddler school. There was a family debate on whether it was the right decision to enroll my kid at such a young age. I still went ahead with it and I would later on realize that we made the right decision after all. This photo was taken during her first day in school. AvO9jwICIAAzO_j
  • In August, I started taking biking seriously. I realized that it had the potential of really helping me shed off the pounds. At this point, I was tipping the scale at 149lbs, Que horror! I just kept piling on the pounds since I gave birth and did nothing to get me back into shape. The sight of the weighing scale was my turning point. I also decided to start counting my calories to help with my weight-loss program. I knew it was time to take control of my body.
  • In September, I got to watch the Phantom of the Opera which was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had that month. I loved every bit of it. The production, the music, the romance….I still swoon when I think about it. p9261040In the same month, I finally got to take that trip to Palawan from the blog giveaway prize I won in March. We went to the underground rivercruise and it was definitely an unforgettable experience. We also got to taste tamilok and crocodile sisig. You know me and exotic eats, we mesh well 🙂


  • In October, I did my first long distance ride to Bulacan and back. It was terrifying I admit. I even cried on the way home because I didn’t think I’d make it. Here’s the customary speedometer shot. 576247_10151072110792665_559966164_n
  • On the same month, my kid celebrated her third birthday and this was when I’ve realized that we made the right decision in enrolling her in toddler school. Her social skills have improved tremendously and she seems to be enjoying school so much that she looks forward to it everyday. She’s really growing up so fast. Too fast.
  • 553494_10151062301007665_2032173899_n-1In November, I did my second long distance ride…this time to Tagaytay! Who would have thought that little miss  lazy bones would ever survive an 8 hour bike ride from Fairview to Tagaytay and back to Bacoor Cavite amidst the intense heat, steep uphills, rain and every possible challenge there was that met us in our paths. I suffered from severe sunburn and extreme body pains after, but it was all worth it. All 125kms of it. I’m still in a daze just thinking about it. I have to thank my husband who really motivated me and the man upstairs who kept us safe and strong enough to reach our ultimate goal.
  • 055On the same month, I turned a year older and I’ve lost so much weight. I dropped from 149lbs in August to 125 lbs. in November. People hardly recognized me and only had great things to say about how I looked. I also made another drastic change by getting a hair perm, whereas I’ve been getting rebonds for the past two decades. I guess you can say I was sort of reinventing myself. But what I found more amazing apart from all the physical changes was the change that was happening inside of me. I used to be a perennial pessimist. But that all changed.
  • In December, I managed to meet some lovely bloggers I’ve been following for a while. You can read that post here and here. It’s quite surreal to meet people you’ve established ties with online. I look forward to meeting so many others that have inspired me through their blogs.

Throughout the whole year, I also got to feature some very creative individuals who have shown such passion for their work. Among them are i.am.handmade, Tagpi Disenyo, Takatak Project and Manikako. You’ll see those posts here.  I also shared a little part me that dabbles a bit in D-I-Y.

IMAG0683-1-119666_322042038627_48117058627_4774914_2367086_nOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeFunky_VintageColors_1

So those were my year’s highlights. I have high hopes for 2013. I know that great things lay ahead. Whatever journey I take this year as far as blogging goes, I do hope you’ll stick around for my adventures. I also hope that your 2013 is going to be blessed and full of amazing surprises! 🙂


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