DIY Notebook Cover

I miss doing DIYs. It’s been a while. So while the Christmas season is slowly simmering down and things aren’t as crazy anymore, I managed to get some pocket of quiet time to myself to work on a simple project. I designed the cover of my notebook for next year!  Technically it’s a 2013 diary but since I already amassed quite a lot of planners for next year, I’ve decided to use this one just for notes.

So here goes:

DIY planner cover

1) For this project I used a standard corporate giveaway planner. Got my DIY lightbulb moment as soon as I saw that the planner itself has a blank ugly carton cover, and more importantly that it came with a removable sleeve! Oh thank you DIY gods!

2) I used three origami papers, two of which have a kimono print that I’ve been admiring for a long time. I decided to use that as the main cover. As for the gold, I decided to use that as accent. I’m using the 8 1/4 sized origami papers.

3) I used 3M double-sided tape to line on one end of the origami paper.

4) I put the two kimono origami papers together to make a rectangular shape. Used this to wrap the notebook. Nothing fancy. Just the usual way you’d wrap a notebook or book.

5) At the back of the gold paper, I used a ruler and pencil to draw a strip that is about an inch and a half in size.

6) I cut the gold paper as it appears in the photo.

7) I used the gold strip and mounted it on the spine of the notebook. Used the 3M tape again for this. You can actually skip this part but I like the idea of a gold spined notebook.

8) I’m into monograms. I know. I’m cheesy like that. So I made a letter A cut-out from the gold paper and mounted it on a red sticker paper to make the A stand out. I cut the sticker paper and simply followed the A shape. I stuck it to the bottom right of the notebook.

9) I really wish I could skip this step but unfortunately with a flimsy cover made of origami paper, I know this notebook does not stand a chance against spills, grime or toddler scribbles, so I had to wrap it up tightly with a plastic jacket and I used my trusty tool for this project, my ever reliable 3M double-sided tape. No this blog post is not sponsored by 3M.

Voila! My own DIY customized notebook cover. 🙂 New year, new notebook! Can’t believe I just said that. I sound like such a geek. haha.

DIY notebook cover

I look forward to more DIYs in 2013! 🙂


3 thoughts on “DIY Notebook Cover

  1. I’m attempting to duplicate my self-design planner notebook project i did years back, a. We’ll see if I will be successful in starting and finishing it this long weekend. 😀

  2. Lovely, lovely! I, too, was just bestowing invincibility to a quaint little notebook I found at a book store by wrapping it in plastic in this airtight method I invented back in my earlier geek days, and thinking of blogging about it.

    You might enjoy reading The blogger is a self-taught DIY book binding guru. ^_^

    • Wow Iris! you should definitely share about that airtight method! 🙂 Can’t wait to read your post about it!

      Thanks for sharing about smallestforest! I will definitely follow her!

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