2012: My Year in Books

Everybody’s doing their year-ender posts so I’ve decided that it would be apt to post my own version but in books! I only started reading again around May of this year. That was when I realized that I already have time to sit down and read a book as my kid can practically do stuff on her own! Seriously. She does her own little chores, she washes her own hands, feeds herself, brushes her own teeth, gets her own glass of water and she refuses to be helped! When I give her baths she wants to soap and rinse herself too and says “Mommy I’ll do it!”! Okay fine. On the upside, I’m glad I’m raising a very independent three year old child but that really leaves me with nothing else to do! haha. Hence, I went back to reading so I will have to thank my child for giving mommy some “me” time and allowing me to rekindle my love affair with books.

This year was a year of hit or miss as far as books are concerned. I didn’t have anything specific in mind as I just allowed myself to indulge in different genres, amidst tragic endings and bad writing. As far as my choices are concerned it really felt like a literary buffet where I practically just ate everything. So please don’t judge me. I know some of these titles might make you cringe. haha. Really, it’s okay. I’ve made some pretty bad choices and as I look at some of the titles that I’ve read this year, it just makes me want to kick myself. HARD.

yearinbooksI dabbled in a lot of fiction, romance, classics, young adult, some inspirational reads and on some days, I read a bit of ummm…steamy literature. Like I said, it was an all-you-can-eat buffet! No editing, I just ate ate ate!

Since May, I’ve read about 24 books but I have a feeling I’m still forgetting some titles. I should check what I have in my bookcase. There are a few short stories there that I’ve managed to breeze through in my spare time.

If I were to choose my absolute favorites, it would be Lolita, Hunger Games and Gone Girl. But if you’d allow me, I’d like to gush more about my most recent read which is Gone Girl.Β Gone GirlI’m aware about the reviews. It’s either you love it or you hate it. But I for one, loved it! Β It really kept me at the edge of my seat and it kept me guessing till the very end. This page-turner made me go through emotional highs and lows. I felt so emotionally charged that at some point, I was so exasperated that I dropped the book and said “You F***in idiot!”. And then I realized how stupid I looked for talking to myself so I picked up the book again and continued my reading. hahaha. This was also the book that made me miss my train stop. Yup, it’s that good. I won’t talk about the story as I try to keep my reviews, spoiler-free but all I’ll say is, it’s brilliant. I will definitely read more of Gillian Flynn’s work.

Reading has really taken me on quite a journey this year. And I intend to continue that journey next year. I still have a lot of books that I want to read. A LOT. You’ll see my “to-read” list in Goodreads. Just thinking about the endless possibilities gives me such a thrill! I can’t wait! πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “2012: My Year in Books

  1. Gone Girl is my favorite book of the year too! I can’t wait for the movie!

    You’re right that it is a love-it or hate-it book. The characters are so unlikeable kasi. But the writing is so top-notch!

  2. I saw this in Best Seller just this morning. I contemplated on buying that at Perks of a Wallflower. I didnt buy it because I still have 2 unread books. But after this review looks like I’m going back to buy it. 😊

  3. love the piece, a. tickled at the thought that I contributed to your literary journey this year. looking forward to doing so again next year.

  4. thanks for this blog… I have to love BEFORE EVER AFTER ( I did have my own post on this too)(http://my24hourjob.blogspot.com/2012/02/book-i-fell-in-love-with.html) 50 SHADES OF GREY (one of my favorite) PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER (not much though). And I want to read Gone Girl, Happy Project and Life’s Little Detour… And I have to agree with you it has been this year that I really went back to reading too after that Christian Grey trilogy. hahaha!!! thanks for sharing.

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