Holiday Break

Today is the official start of my holiday break. I spent the whole day cooped up at home for some snoozing, reading and last minute gift-wrapping.  Here are some random images that I took recently.


Pine cone. This reminds me of my childhood days in Baguio where we’d find a lot of these in the backyard.

Goodie basket! Found this on my office desk. This is why I love the holidays. 

I didn’t know what to get our village guards for the holidays. I got a lot of suggestions via Instagram to give them something that they can add to their Noche Buena. For my readers in other countries, Noche Buena is a traditional Filipino Christmas dinner done at the strike of midnight to celebrate Christmas. We don’t wait for Christmas morning to open presents. We start celebrating at midnight with a feast and the exchange of gifts. For New Year’s feast, we call that Media Noche.

So anyway, I got them these spaghetti Pasko (Christmas) sets which are convenient as these already come with a kilo of pasta and some sauce good enough to serve 7-10 people. Just added the ribbons and cards to make these ready for giving.

I know in some cultures giving stuff like this must be weird. It’s like giving  someone a can of Campbell soup and just adding a ribbon. But here in the Philippines, people do this sort of thing all the time. They give ham, Queso de Bola and all other treats that can make up for a festive Noche Buena. Just wanted to explain that bit in case some readers start judging me for giving spaghetti for Christmas. haha.


Received two bottles of red wine. Technically, three. Gave one away. I think I’m ready for New Year’s Eve.


For some presents, I used old colorful magazines as wrapping paper. My eco-friendly approach to the holidays.


The Moonleaf Planner. Right size, awesome layout and comes with stickers and vouchers. I’m still keeping my planner options open at this point. Planner envy has been hitting me often as there are so many nice planners out there. I’ll decide which one to use before 2013 officially kicks in. Hopefully.


Received a bunch of DVDs for Christmas. Yup, that’s my own copy of Magic Mike. Perhaps I should schedule ladies night on of these days. Besides I already have the wine. haha.


Little girl unwrapped one of her presents. It’s a little bedroom set for her dolls. She was thrilled.008

Had dinner with a childhood friend. It was great seeing you Chat! I literally grew up with this girl. We only see each other once or twice a year but that’s the good thing about having girlfriends. You don’t need to constantly see them to prove that the friendship exists. The moment you see each other you just pick up from where you left off like you were just chatting the day before. I guess that’s the difference between us and men. Men need to hang out with their “posse’. Well at least my husband does.


Been secretly stuffing Tala’s Christmas stocking with some goodies. This was one of the things I stuffed in her sock. Trolli treats! Just realized I just stuffed the stocking with another stocking.


Hope you’re all enjoying your holiday break! Remember to spend it with your loved ones and to always be grateful for what you have. 🙂