Planner Hunting

This time of year I’m pretty much hell-bent on deciding which planner to use for the coming year. I’ve been a Moleskine user for the past 3 years. But this year, I decided to challenge myself to find other alternatives. Besides, I’m kind of tired of the same black leather one that I use year after year.

Although the Little Prince Moleskine really called out to me, when I saw the layout I knew it wouldn’t work. 😦 Sigh. I need to see what my whole week will look like so I can mentally prepare for the bigger tasks of the week. Not knowing what’s happening the day after, really throws me off my balance.

Size is also a huge factor. Which is why I’ve never even attempted to complete the stickers to earn me a Starbucks Planner. If it’s not small enough to stick in my purse, then it’s not going to work for me. Those big planners with chock-full of features, coupons and even pages for doodling, since they’re all too big for me, I don’t even bother. I really need something small enough to store in my bag so when I wake up in the middle of the night with an anxiety attack (the kind you get because your gut feel tells you there’s something potentially big you need to prepare for the next day), I can just pull out my planner to do a quick review to help me regain my peace of mind.

While browsing through the book store, I found this. Size? check! Weekly layout? Check! Sturdy cover that will still look pretty decent after a year of use? Check! And the color, hmmm…you know what? I think I’m liking it! Check!

It’s the Monologue 2013 planner, which I fondly call “the poor man’s Moleskine”. Same size and features as the small Moleskine planner but more affordable at P390. That striped elastic is a winner in my book. I also like the feel of the cover. It’s like a synthetic rubber kind of leather material that feels nice to the touch.

The layout is perfect-o! My only gripe about this thing, which reminds me why I’ve been a Moleskine user forever, is that this one doesn’t lie flat when you write on it. That might become an issue for me later on. Let’s see.

It also has other features that I will surely not use…such as a full color world atlas, personal information section,  international holidays section, IDD codes reference, email & website address book, address & telephone directory. The blank notes section at the back, that will come in handy. The planner also comes with a pocket, which is rather flimsy as compared to the one that Moleskine has but it will do.

So the hunt is over! I’ve found my planner. I just hope I don’t get planner envy like I did last year when I already had a planner, and then switched at the last minute, for reasons I can’t seem to remember.

So have you found your 2013 Planner yet? What are your considerations when choosing a planner? 🙂


6 thoughts on “Planner Hunting

  1. I want a planner, I do. But the iPod touch works just as well for me now 😉 So I use iOS apps for my schedule then I have a nice, un-lined notebook for my scribbles/doodles. 🙂

  2. I’ve been collecting Starbucks planner since the beginning when it wasn’t this popular. So I’ve been buying coffee for the planner even if I do not like them (like last year’s). But when I saw their planner this year, finally! A Starbucks planner that I like again after years of disappointment! hehe. I’m getting that one 😀

  3. no…im still planner hunter. like you i have a checklist on requirements for my planner. Hmmm…maybe i’ll drop by the store to check out some.

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