First Digiperm Experience

Back in August, I’ve blogged about getting a perm. I’ve always been the “rebond” girl for decades. The last time I got a real perm was when I was about 8 or 9. I know! Talk about young! My sister kidnapped me and took me to the salon to get “Shirley Temple” curls. Talk about old school. She was thrilled. I was too young to even make up my mind if I liked it.

While I was browsing through my wedding photos back in August, I was looking at my hair and how the stylist did my curls. It was just temporary. The kind that straightened out that same evening. By looking at those photos, I decided that I do like curls on me! So I blogged last August that I plan on getting a perm. You can read that postΒ here.

So over the weekend, to finally get those much-coveted sexy curls, I hopped on over to Tony & Jackey (I also go to them for rebonding) to avail of the Digiperm package. It was my birthday gift to self. Incase you plan to get a Digiperm done in Tony & Jackey, here’s the breakdown of the cost according to their flyer:

  • Loreal Setting/Digital Perm – P6,000
  • Arte Herba Manicure – P2,000
  • Kertain Treatment – P1,200
  • Haircut – P 500

TOTAL: P9,700 Β but the packaged rate is just P5,000. I don’t know when the promo ends though. The flyer doesn’t indicate a promo period.

Anyway, I was okay to shelling out 5k, since that was the cost that I initially planned on spending anyway. However, as the stylist assessed my hair, she recommended that I have my hair colored since I have a lot of gray hair showing (another hair woe of mine), and also recommended that I have the top part of my hair rebonded in order to straighten out the kinks so it would look better. That would cost me an additional P3,5k. That’s P1,000 for the rebond (since it’s just the upper part that was going to be rebonded) and P2,5k for the hair color. So the total charge would round up to P8,5k. I know….HOLY FREAKIN’ EXPENSIVE. I literally had to take deep breaths as I spent moments debating with myself if I should go for it. Finally, I let go of that little voice in my head that said “Don’t do it!” and finally conceded. I said to myself, fine! if I’m going to spend that much on my hair, I better look like a friggin’ movie star when I leave the salon!

So here’s Wendy, one of the Korean stylists and her assistant in action. The assistant also acted as the translator. I do like Wendy, she smiles a lot. I’ve had a stylist once (same salon) that scared the crap out of me. She used to scold her assistant in front of me (in Korean) so it made me feel like something went wrong with my hair.

Anyway, if you’ve been to Tony & Jackey before, I’m sure you’ve seen the mirror that transforms into a TV screen and/or computer monitor, so you can surf the net if you want. I decided to watch a movie, unfortunately the earphones were defective so we had to turn it off eventually since it was pointless since there were no subtitles.

Β They let the treatment set for a while

So I browsed through magazines and toured the salon. In the bathroom, I saw this. Why Hello there complicated toilet! We meet again. Seriously, I still don’t know what those buttons are for!

During the course of the whole process, they added a bunch of other treatments that was also part of the package, and then proceeded to apply my hair color. I asked the stylist to recommend the best shade for me. She looked at my skin tone and eye color and recommended the ash blonde shade. She’s the expert so I said yes. She nodded and said “Very good. You trust me”. After my hair was washed twice, this contraption happened. It looks like something straight out of a Terminator movie.

Ate, whacha-making kutkot there?

After the final wash, they blow-dried my hair and before Wendy worked her final magic, this was how it looked. The curls were still a little too spiraly though. I forgot to take a final pic where the curls became more loose after she ran her fingers through the strands. At this time, my three year old was already throwing a fit that she literally dragged me out of the salon right after I paid! And because the toddler was having a meltdown and I was so dazed from all the bills that I had to hand over, I literally forgot to tip the people that worked on my hair! I only remembered it when I got home! I should definitely schedule a trip back soon just to hand over my tip. They’re probably thinking I’m such a cheapskate. LOL. Well that’s true on most occasions. But I do tip.

Anyway, two days post digiperm, this is how my hair looks like now. I must say I am inlove with the color! I’m glad the curls are starting to look less “Goldilocks-ish” and more relaxed. I assume it will loosen a bit more in the weeks to come. Can’t wait till the waves get more messed up and my hair starts looking like I just rolled out of bed looking oh-so-fabulous. hehe πŸ™‚

So do I regret shelling out that much for my hair? Let’s just say that when I look at myself in the mirror now, the pain of my aching wallet is slowly dissipating. So I guess that’s a good thing πŸ™‚

For more details about Bang’s Tony & Jackey, visit their website here.


31 thoughts on “First Digiperm Experience

  1. Woah! That’s freaking expensive nga! I had my hair digipermed for Php3,300 only and it lasts for almost 6 months now! I had it at Beauty Brick Salon in Jupiter, Makati. Sayang! You should’ve ask me about it para mas naka-mura ka. LOL!

    Anyhoo, I love your new hair! Bagay na bagay sayo! πŸ™‚

  2. nice curls aimee! i had my hair didipermed at tony and jackey too. it lasted for almost a year, probably longer pa if only i didn’t cut it when i was preggy. got too lazy to do the rituals every morning kasi. you look really good! bonggels πŸ™‚

  3. Atleast your hair didnt break, mine did and it didn’t curl plus the cost twice as much as Tony and Jackey! Jesi Mendez salon ruined my hair!

  4. I’ve been thinking about digiperm for the longest time! Im scared though–the last time I had a perm, I had my perm cut & it took me sucha long time to grow my hair. But seeing how lovely your locks are makes me want to take thw plunge!

    Question: wash & wear ba ang hair mo w/ the digiperm? & whats your hair texture before the digiperm? Ü thank u!

    • It was a great digiperm experience! Tony & Jackey does not disappoint. It’s been almost a month and my hair still looks the same! I just use a solution that i spray on to help keep my curls tight which I apply to either wet or dry hair. I scrunch it a bit and I’m good to go. Thats just a 2 minute process.

      I don’t blow dry, I don’t brush. It’s pretty low maintenance! πŸ™‚ my hair was thick and frizzy at the top which is why I’ve been rebonding for years to keep it tame. I say try the digiperm! The curls feel liberating! πŸ™‚

  5. Aimee! Super tempted na talaga ako because of you. Saw a Tony & Jackey Digiperm promo on Metrodeals. Kaso takot uli ako. Kung previously colored and rebonded ba ang hair pwede digiperm? And do you think the T&J branch in Alabang will do the same superb job?
    Thank you thank you!

    • Go for it! πŸ™‚ my hair has always been rebonded. But I waited for about 10 months before I got my digiperm. When you go to Tony & Jackey, have your hair assessed by the stylist. T & J is known for digiperms and rebonds so I’m sure regardless of the branch, they’ll do a great job on your hair!

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  7. I had my hair permed at t&j too but i did not tip on purpose, lol. First kasi e, kapag bumalik nalang ako. So far, 2 weeks into my perm, ok naman sya. Nag loosen but it looks better now. How much do you tip ba sa ganung kind ng salons? Lol :))

    • Hi Candy! Galing nila magperm noh? My hair still looks like I just came from the salon. In some countries, they say the tip has to be 10% of the amount you’re shelling out for the service. πŸ™‚ Although admittedly, I don’t really follow that sometimes. It really depends on how happy I am with the service. πŸ™‚

  8. Hi. I want to perm my hair on December, same salon. But my hair is still rebonded, already 5 months. Is it ok to permed my hair if its still rebonded (1 year if I will permed my hair on December)?

    • Hi Kim! Some types of hair require rebond on the upper part of the hair and the lower part is the only part that gets digipermed. Like mine for instance, I had a rebond simultaneous to the digiperm kasi marami akong small hairs that are frizzy on top. Di daw maganda tingnan kung di ko iparebond yung top at magmumukha daw buhaghag yung buhok ko. I think for cases like that you might not want to use a hairnet at baka masira yung part na rinebond. But if your hair is fully digipermed from top to bottom, I think it’s okay. The more scrunched up your curls get, the better I think but then again…that’s just my opinion πŸ™‚

  9. ” I just use a solution that i spray on to help keep my curls tight which I apply to either wet or dry hair. I scrunch it a bit and I’m good to go. Thats just a 2 minute process. ”

    Hi Aimee, what solution are you using? Magpapa digi perm din kasi ako e. Gusto ko din I try like what you did.

    • Hi Rhea, I use the FX solution curl booster. It’s a yellow spray bottle that you can buy in Watson’s. If I’m not mistaken its around 350++. πŸ™‚

  10. Thanks Aimee. Laking tulong ng blog mo to try it also. May promo din ngayon ang TJ na 3000 any length for digiperm until August 31. Magpapa assessed ako sa stylish nila this friday. Excited ako to try it. Like you I want also to pamper my self at siempre dapat magpaganda lalo na kapag married ka na πŸ™‚

  11. OMG. This is effin’ expensive. But yeah, it’s worth it naman.Sobrang ganda ng curls mo. I’ve been reading digiperm experience online because I’m thinking of having one myself. But with that amout, I guess I have to wait for my hair to grow a bit longer para naman achieve na achieve ang look. Thanks for this review. So helpful

    • Thanks Camille! Yup it really burned a deep hole in my pocket! I had a hair cut recently so all the curls are gone. huhu. After I give birth, I will definitely get those sexy curls back! πŸ™‚

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