Weekend Snaps

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend. šŸ™‚

Just wanted to share a few random pics that pretty much summarized what my whole weekend was all about.

My weekend soundtrack. All about raspy rhythms from two amazing female artists. Still can’t believe Amy Winehouse is gone. I’m glad her spirit will live forever through her songs.

The little one wanted to play with the white board. We were on guard of course in case she decides to swipe the marker on the sofa.

The photo on the upper right part was her final work. I almost wished she drew on paper instead. That way I could have preserved her work. In these photos, it appears she’s still using a palmar-supinate grasp, where she uses her whole palm to hold her pen the way it appears in the photo. But she’s actually progressed to tripod (the usual way you hold a pen).

I think she purposely reverted to her old way of pen-gripping so as not to get marks on her hand and elbow. Smart girl. hehe. By the way, I learned all these from her teacher. When they assess the child, they don’t only focus on the way the child progresses in terms of attention span, attitude and their general performance in school. They also observe the child’s development such as in pen-gripping, or how they walk up the stairs as these are all part of the developmental stages of a child. To learn more about the preschool pencil grip, you can read this helpful article.

Weekends are about tuning in 24/7 (that’s an exaggeration) to Disney Junior or Nickelodeon. But when Pocoyo is up, I don’t really mind. I love him. Elly is cute too. Do they make Pocoyo toys? I think it would be awesome to have Pocoyo collectibles.

You know that a party is pretty darn special, when there happens to be lechon! Attended a birthday party and just had to take a pic of this pig head which was roasted to perfection.

Had my nails did with a touch of glitter on my ring finger. I know, this trend is pretty old but since I never followed it while it was still fresh, I figured what the hey, might as well catch up now! Ā To cap our weekend, we finally put up our old Capiz lantern. We’ve had this for three years. Definitely worth every penny.

So those were some random snaps from my weekend. how was yours? šŸ™‚


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