When we reached Tagaytay last Saturday, we were all tired and famished beyond words. We rode our bikes for the final stretch to Pamana in Aguinaldo Highway hoping for a warm meal to satisfy our hunger and refuel our aching bodies. We stayed at the rooftop.

This was their lovely menu. I think it captures the mood and tone of the whole restaurant. I imagine old recipes being handed down  from ancestors, or the kind of  traditional Filipino food that our Lolas used to cook. I guess that’s a lot to assume from a mere menu. Maybe I’m just biased as I married the guy that designed it, as well as the logo. teehee 🙂 

Some interior shots. Love the montage of old photos. Dining area at the ground floorLove the mirrorsSome goodies at the giftshopAnd as we walked up the staircase to the rooftop, this was the spectacular view that welcomed us. We were like kids ooh-ing and aaah-ing in unison. Funny.Now on to more important things…the food!

This was the serving of bagnet. Deep fried with just the right amount of fat. It was perfectly cooked to the crisp and the sight alone is enough to either make you swoon with delight, or give you a coronary. Since I’ve been watching my diet, I had to manage my portions but if I absolutely didn’t have a care in the world…I would have seriously devoured one whole chunk. Om nom. This was the pinakbet dish. The sauce was much thicker than what I am used to. I’m Ilocano so we do pinakbet quite differently. I do love the large thick slices of ampalaya and the big shrimps as it made the dish all the more filling. The bits of garlic that danced all over the dish added quite an interesting dimension to the taste I must say.

And of course, you can’t go to Tagaytay and not have Bulalo. You simply can’t. We had to order Nilagang Bulalo and got this big bowl of mouth-watering meaty goodness served to our table. I’ve had bulalo before but this dish was superb! The meat that clung to the bone was very thick and juicy. We ordered three bowls for 15 bikers and there was enough to go around. If there’s any dish that stood out for me, it would have to be this one.   We also had bangus which was just okay. But the pandan iced tea with a strong punch of ginger was quite the refreshing neutralizer. It cleansed our palates quite well.

All in all, the restaurant did not disappoint. The facilities were nice and clean. The interiors give off a nostalgic charm that everyone, especially the lolos and lolas would appreciate. Staff was courteous and the service is good. If there was anything that I didn’t like, it would have to be that the rice was served last. It’s as if you just want to dive in and devour everything like a savage, but you have to restrain yourself because the rice hasn’t been served yet. And for 15 bikers who had to ride 9 hours just to get to there, well we found that just a tad bit irritating.

But despite that, overall it was still a successful dining experience. Can you just imagine how awful it would have been if given our condition, we ended up eating in a bad resto? I thank my lucky stars that the husband took care of the reservations and chose a good resto. As soon as we had our fill, we all had big smiles plastered on our rather grimy sun burnt faces, and that’s always a good thing.



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  1. “Maybe I’m just biased as I married the guy that designed it, as well as the logo.”

    Wow, trivia yun ah hehe si Marx pla nag design, great work! 🙂

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