Remember my blog entry recently about my first long distance ride to Bulacan? You can read that entry here. Well, at the bottom of the entry I declared Tagaytay as my next goal. However, when I said that, I was thinking maybe I can work on achieving that in the next couple of months. But when I found out that our bike group was already planning on a ride to Tagaytay over the long weekend, I was like “Wait, what? Teka! Di pa ko ready! (I’m not ready yet!)”.

But then again, the opportunity already presented itself so who was I to say no. Besides, the husband bought me a new jersey and some gear so if I chickened out, I knew I would not hear the end of it.

The night before our ride, I couldn’t sleep properly. I was anxious more than anything. I know I pulled off Bulacan, but I barely made it home…can I actually bike with the pros and do Tagaytay? But at 5am, I shrugged off the little voices in my head that said I couldn’t do it, and just said a little prayer for guidance, strength and a safe ride ahead. It was still very dark when we left home but thankfully given it was a long weekend and it was still too early, there weren’t that many cars on the road. We arrived in MOA for breakfast before we headed out for our first water break in Puregold Molino.

I recharged with an energy drink and some chocolate before taking on the long ride ahead. It was about 9:30am when we got to this point.

The heat was intense. It literally felt like summer. And if that didn’t make things difficult enough, the uphill treks leading to Tagaytay proved to be very very challenging. Some members of the group felt fatigue at this point and one even sprained his ankle. The only thing that lifted our spirits was when we saw these coconut trees. This means we were already at the foot of the hills leading to Tagaytay.

I’m glad that despite the challenging trek, we were surrounded by a lush scenery and there was a calming cool breeze. Husband and I had to have our photo taken before taking on the last few uphills leading to our destination.

And finally at 2pm, we arrived!

We had lunch in Pamana (which deserves a separate post) and made sure we were well-rested and ready for the long bike ride home. Before we set off for Manila, we made sure we had one final group shot.

13 men and 2 ladies. This photo is proof that if the men can do it, so can the ladies! 🙂

The upside to having to go through such a difficult ride to Tagaytay as it was mostly uphill, is that you have the ride going home to look forward to which was mostly downhill. We literally just slid our bikes down and there was no need to pedal. Of course, we had to watch our brakes because of the occasional pedestrians crossing our paths, but it was mostly smooth sailing from there. We were going so fast, I think we were hitting 40km.

However, similar to my last experience…once it started getting dark, I got nervous. The fatigue set in big time. My hands went severely numb again and I had difficulty seeing through the dark. This terrified me. We had to take a few breaks just to stretch my fingers before we continued on to the journey. Thankfully, one of the guys who joined the ride decided he couldn’t pedal anymore so he called for a service that picked us up in Bacoor Cavite. Four of us riders got to load our bikes into the van and we had a relaxing ride home. We got home at 10pm.

To document this recent achievement, I am sharing a photo of ze speedometer. We did 107km for Malolos. This shows that we did 125km. I broke my record! 🙂 So what now? Well new goals are in the works but I will keep that to myself first as you might think I’ve gone totally bonkers if I tell you. LOL. 🙂

Despite suffering from a pretty bad sun burn  (Can’t believe I forgot to put on sunblock) and having really aching joints, I feel grateful. Grateful because the divine one took care of us and did not allow harm to come our way. To him I offer the glory of this recent victory. I am grateful that I have a husband who is very supportive. He coaches me and guides me. Once in a while without my having to say a word and when he feels that my confidence is slipping, he reassures me and tells me things like “Hindi kita pababayaan”. I feel grateful that for all the years that I’ve been a wallflower and have refused to play sports because I didn’t think I was strong enough to play with the other kids, that at my age now…I’m riding like one of the boys and have become much stronger and wiser.

And lastly, I am grateful that I have a little voice through this blog which allows me to share my experience with others. Deep inside I hope that somewhere in the world, someone reads this story and finds the inspiration to step out of his/her comfort zone and finally take that leap of faith. Because once you take that plunge into the great unknown, you will be amazed at how much you can achieve by simply believing in yourself.

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  1. So I was going through the web about biking trails and I came across your blog. So galing! Sana minsan makasabay kita and your hubby sa pag babike 🙂

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