Gallery Show Ensemble

I rarely do outfit posts because 1) I’m no fashion blogger. I don’t even know how to properly pose for the camera without looking awkward or constipated. 2) Often times I find myself cringing when I do vanity shots and 3) Well this you already know, I was overweight for quite some time so I wasn’t really confident enough to show photos of myself.

Well, until now. So humor me. These posts are rare and few. Plus I just discovered one of those funky frame apps on my phone while we were in a gallery show in Blanc so I figured….hey, might as well do one of those outfit collage posts! 🙂

Neckpiece – bazaar find, dress- Market! Market! and shoes – SM

And to add on to my ode to vanity this first of November, I would like to share with you some of my beauty staples of the moment. Both products I wore on the FOTD above. I used to be a blush-on kinda gal but I realized that the lasting power of most blush-ons only last four hours tops. I realize that I don’t really have time for retouches so I find cheek tints to be the more convenient and hassle-free option.

As you see in the pic below, I just used up a whole tube so I decided to replenish with a new tube recently. Luckily, The Body Shop went on sale. From P795, the price dropped to P400++. I still can’t believe that I’m still using the same product since my college days. Talk about ancient! Well what can I say, if it works, it works! Plus it looks great on morena skin. Now that I’m 5 shades darker (no thanks to the perennial tan I get from biking), the natural flush I get from this tint compliments my skin tone.

As for the face, I slapped on my Loreal true match in Golden Beige (which is so not my shade anymore so I need to get something darker). To set the foundation, I used the Human Nature Natural Perfect Coverage foundation in Caramel. I am amazed by this product! The powders are so finely-milled and it really gives good coverage. For some women, they need to do a retouch in the afternoon but in my case, I just dip a kabuki brush on the pan and apply some in the morning and that’s it! I completely forget about it the whole day. It has great lasting power and stays put on my face without feeling heavy.

As for oil control, I still need to blot about two or three times in the afternoon to get rid of the shine but apart from that, it’s all good. The best part about this is that it doesn’t have any of those nasty ingredients that a lot of the make up brands have. It’s all natural and very affordable at P450. The packaging is tops! I love how you just have press it gently to open versus other powders that force you to pry ’em open with your fingertips. I once used the Maybelline powder that came in a pale pink packaging and that powder has caused me way too many manicure casualties. Plus coverage was pretty Ehhhh….

I’m glad that to compliment my efforts to look slightly better than usual, we had red wine, fabulous art and great conversation to complete the evening. It really was quite lovely. I think every gal needs that kind of evening once in a while. 🙂

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  1. Hi Aimee, I haven’t subscribed pla sa new blog mo. Just want to say that you look good!I saw your before & after pic post:)

  2. HI Aimee, I haven’t subscribed pla sa new blog mo. Just want to say that you look good!I saw your before & after pic post:)

    (btw I typed a wrong website on my previous comment)

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