My D-I-Y Wishlist

I don’t know what’s going on with me. I seem to have been possessed by some crafty flower-wreath-wearing D-I-Y free spirit. I find myself daydreaming about some D-I-Y projects that I’d love to work on real soon. Oh if only I had all the time in the world! These are the inspirations that I’ve bookmarked in my head recently.


Yup, it’s a cupcake stand. Naturally, since I’ve ordered 20 pretty rainbow cupcakes for the little girl’s birthday, I’ve been thinking about how to showcase them properly for everyone’s appreciation. The rainbow cupcakes are such eye candies! It would be a shame to keep them in boxes. Anyway as I’m too frugal to spend for a stand, I’ve been contemplating on making one myself. The thing is, if I made one, then what happens to it after the party? I’m guessing it will add up to all the crap I have lying around the house. *awkward silence* Fine. Scrap that.

And since Halloween is just around the corner, I’m contemplating on D-I-Ying my kid’s costume.These are my inspirations.


Isn’t this costume such a darling? Just match it up with a basket of goodies and the little red riding hood will be ready for her trip to Grandma’s house. The basket of goodies can serve as her trick or treat basket!

There are actually a lot of super cute costumes out there but I’m sticking to what I think is fairly easy and doable, that is if I do decide to go the DIY route. I’m leaning towards the red riding hood and the kitten costume. I’d love to do the red hood but I’m not exactly blessed with mad sewing skills. Makes me regret not paying attention in sewing class. The kitten costume is totally doable though. We already have black leotards and black leggings and a nice princessy black skirt to go with it. I’ll just have to do the kitten ears and tail. Of course, the whole look won’t be complete without the face painted whiskers. Oh what fun!

Fast forward to after Halloween, comes everybody’s favorite holiday…Christmas! And with that in mind I’ve already been thinking about doing our own Christmas ornaments and garlands for the tree. These are my pegs.


Paper lanterns!!!  The second pic looks easy enough to do and would probably be more Christmas-y if some were made with shiny paper which by the way, I shamelessly have a lot of lying around the house. I know. I’m such a hoarder. But that can be a good thing sometimes. 🙂



I’m still debating with myself on which of the two garlands I’ll be making. Although I love the circle garlands, that would require the use of a sewing machine to fasten those circles securely together, and a circle puncher from the crafts store. I guess I can always work with what’s available. I also love the paper chain garland. These are relatively easy to do but will require a lot of staple wire.

I can go on all day just looking for inspirations. How about you? Any D-I-Y project you’d like to work on soon? 🙂

Oh and before I forget, Happy weekend! 🙂


16 thoughts on “My D-I-Y Wishlist

  1. I know that when i get to the point where i can have more time to myself and keeping house, i’d be DIY diva too. hehehe. Have fun. Let’s meet up soon and look at DIY sites all day together. 😀

  2. Aimee! Your cupcake stand is totally doable. Use unopened tin cans for the middle, and cover them with pretty paper to hide the labels. Then you can just buy foam board from National Bookstore for the plates, unless you want to use cute plates that you already have. That works too. Super cheap, and you don’t have to think about what to do after. 🙂

  3. Cupcake stand! I’ve been wanting to make one like that since the materials can be bought in Chocolate Lover! I live super near there that their address is 25 and ours is 35. HAHA! I haven’t gotten the chance to try making once since I am usually busy baking and doing stuff for our record label.

    DIY stuff are so much fun! Hopefully, we will all find time to do these things. 😀

    • Wow must be awesome to live so near Chocolate Lover! 🙂 That place is just bursting with possibilities! hehe. D-I-Y projects really are a lot of fun! It’s the getting started that’s the tricky part. hehe.

      • So awesome, it’s easy to get broke. Buying things you don’t need YET. But then you get to use those stuff a year later. HAHA!

        I also live near Farmer’s Plaza and there’s this awesome fabric/craft store there called VC Trading where I get my ribbons and cute little things. Again, as much as possible I try to avoid those places because I spend way too much on things I don’t use right away. HAHA!

        Yeah, starting is really the tricky part. I like the challenge when I DIY especially if the instructions just doesn’t work for you and you need to improvise. 😀

      • I so can relate to the getting broke part. hahaha. Hey I’ll check out VC Trading when I’m in the area. Thanks! 🙂

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