Work-In-Progress: Party Hats

To begin my D-I-Y party hat project, I started by cutting pieces of cartolina to serve as the base of the party hats. I was able to download a free template from Oh Happy Day!.

After that, well this was what went down….

After I’ve finished assembling the prototype which you can see on the upper right corner (you’ll also see the husband there snipping away in the background), he said that he was going to make one and that it was going to be better. The nerve! Husband, you dare challenge me to a party hat-making contest? I ACCEPT!!!

And then after a few minutes, he came up with the striped party hat that you see there at the bottom pic. Yup, it was too pretty that it made mine look ordinary. It was too pretty that I was almost tempted to crush it, while at the same time giving off an evil laugh while an earth-shattering clap of thunder can be heard in the background. I know, I can be cinematic like that. 🙂

I’ve come to realize that I’ve been defeated. It’s okay prototype, I still love you. I am going to adorn you with sparkles and glitters and paper flowers. We still have about a week and a half to go, so we can definitely kick that pretty party hat’s butt.

Kidding. 🙂

When the little girl saw the striped party hat she instantly fell inlove with it (Oh the agony!), so I guess that will be her official “birthday girl” party hat. I’m loving making these party hats, it’s a lot of fun! I just had no idea it was going to be such a “competitive” project! 🙂

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