Toddler Scribbles

The little girl scribbled this on a piece of paper.

After which, she identified each as “cake, ice cream, lollipop”. Clearly, we have a budding ‘sweet tooth’ in the family.

I asked her to write her name (not knowing what to expect) and this is what she came up with. She wrote the T first, followed by that balloon looking thing, a small “L” and than another balloon squiggle. Although the letters don’t appear to be in order on paper as it reads “ATLA” (if that balloon-shaped thing is indeed an A), the order by which she wrote each letter was correct.

Well what do you know, I believe my two year old just wrote her own name! Unless I’m just imagining things and trying to squeeze something out of plain old squiggles. šŸ™‚

Perhaps an introduction to the old school “blue-red-blue” lined notepads might help straighten things out a bit more. Let’s see how that goes.


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