Meet Katana

I know, here I go again giving names to inanimate objects. Sorry I can’t help it. It’s my thing.

Meet my weight-loss program (lost 14lbs since August). Yup, it’s a new bike. Something that fits my frame to a tee. I chose the bike frame but it was the husband who added in the other features like that bell that you see on the uppermost right. For such a manly looking bike, I love that I have a fun little bell that goes “chiching chiching”. It is probably the only feminine detail in this entire bike.


For the past week, I’ve been doing an hour a day. Had to make up for pigging out in Palawan. I must admit, I really enjoy biking now more than ever. To think just a few months ago, I was the most sedentary person in the planet.  I love the breeze and the speed. The speed makes me feel like a Ninja. Yeah that pretty much explains the name. 🙂

One thing I really miss though is going biking with the husband. I miss swapping stories about work, home and random thoughts while we cruise together along main roads and highways. I miss our little breaks in random unplanned places where we park our bikes for a quick chow before we hit the road again. He still has about a month or two to fully recover from the accident. Good news is he is definitely doing much better now. I’m sure he’ll be back in no time.

So until such time that he has fully recovered, for now it will just have to be me, Katana and the road ahead.

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