Palarong Pinoy

With the recent celebration of Linggo ng Wika, the little girl’s school held a Palarong Pinoy (Filipino Games) event. Although part of me wanted to stay in and hybernate underneath the sheets as the event fell on a Sunday, I knew I had to be there to support my kid, and the PTA president that is my husband. Incidentally, here’s the funny story on how that happened.

Here we were during the assembly. That’s me with dripping wet hair (I know, it’s such a bad habit) and the little girl who was in a pretty sour mood that morning. I was trying to convince her to line up on her own like the bigger kids but she wouldn’t budge. She didn’t feel like participating in any of the games and was yawning the whole time. Sigh. So what’s a parent got to do?

Well…make up for it by being a trooper in the parent games! 🙂

Here’s the daddy with the other daddies wearing a giant pair of paper “tsinelas”.

And this was us, trying out the “kadang-kadang”. You’d think it would be easy to walk in these things but I kid you not, it was extremely difficult to balance! I can’t even begin to imagine how some people manage to run in these things! It was a fun experience and needless to say, we all went home tired but happy. Kudos to the school for putting together a well organized program filled with games, production numbers, as well as fun booths to boot.

Nearing the end of the event and when all the games were done, the little girl finally had a surge of energy and spent the remaining minutes of the program running around. Nice. That kind of energy would have come in handy much earlier during the day I think. Well, what can I say, that’s life with toddlers.The only thing predictable about them is their unpredictability.

When August kicked in, I expected that the school would require the students to come in Filipiniana costumes like the rest of the schools. But I’m glad that they did something different and that it involved the parents. I look forward to next year’s Palarong Pinoy. One year. One whole year. Hmmm….Yeah I think that will give me enough time to practice walking on those tricky stilts.


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  1. You never fail to make me laugh whenever I remember the PTA President 🙂
    By next year’s Palarong Pinoy, kayang kaya mo na yan, sis! 🙂

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