Posted in August 2012


Thanks to Super Blogger D (SBD) (sorry lame private joke), I managed to borrow a copy of Insurgent which is the sequel to Divergent. I’ve blogged about Divergent here. Some people would usually jump into the next book right after reading the first, but I for one, needed a break from all the action. Yes it’s … Continue reading


They say the only thing constant is change. I believe that. There are two things buzzing in my head along those lines. One of which is my hair. I know, this is one of those shallow hair dilemmas. We all have those moments do we not? You see, I’ve been wearing my hair straight and … Continue reading

First of August

Well what do you know, it’s the first of August! My brain is still trying to wrap itself around it. I am both in awe at how fast time flies and  feel rather unprepared because in a month’s time, we’re officially hitting the BER season. So have you reflected about what you’ve accomplished the past … Continue reading