Two weeks of counting calories and I seem to be getting by quite well. I’m surprised that I survived that long. I’m a snacker with a sweet-tooth. The worst kind. I can’t believe I managed to cut-down on sugar, fight the urge to snack every 3 hours and stay away from fatty food. Not to mention, having to skip on the cream and sugar on my coffee. I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult that is for me! I don’t even know myself anymore. I think I’ve been possessed by a calorie-counting freak who measures her food servings and logs in every single dish and ingredient in her calorie-counter! this is madness I tell you. Madness!

Anyway, since I’ve started this diet, I’ve been extra picky with the food that I eat. I always check the labels and try to look for healthier alternatives. Since Starbucks is just so near where I work, it has become my go-to place for snacks. I usually get savory treats and the occasional cookie…or two. But since I have to watch what I eat now,  i’m glad they have an option for the health-conscious. The Fruit cup is a savior!

The convenience of sliced fruit in one cup. Healthy and only 140 calories! Hooray!

I’ve also figured out the whole fitness thing. Last weekend, I did 21k on the bike and was running at 15-18/mph. Course, on the way home I swear I was starting to see stars and was cursing like there’s no tomorrow. The moment we parked our bikes home, my knees buckled and I collapsed on the sofa. I thought I was going to bust a vein. Every inch of my body hurt like hell. But the fact that I burned over 1,300 calories, well that just made the whole excruciating experience worth it! I plan to make it a weekend habit from hereon out. I guess it helps that my husband is my “trainer” and he pesters me to no end to get on my bike for a few spins. On weekdays, since I can’t go biking even if I wanted to, I just do some stretches which includes this particular position that one of our gym-going friends taught us. It’s where you do a push-up pose and hold it for a minute or two. You feel your arms and your abs contract in the process and before you know it you break out in a huge sweat. We were told that holding that pose for a minute or two a day, should trim down your waistline considerably. I didn’t believe it at first but I’ve noticed that my tummy has lost a few inches. I can now fit in some of my old clothes minus the muffin top!

Oh the little victories in life! It makes me wanna hug myself! I think I’ll celebrate with a big-ass banana split. EEEEP! YOGURT! That’s what I meant YOGURT! Ugh. Who am I kidding! This is much harder than I thought…


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  1. congratulations, a! i should rub myself to you next time we see each other so that even a portion of your resolve passes on to me. hee!

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