The Sweetest Thing

Sometimes the most romantic thing in the world, doesn’t involve grand gestures. It doesn’t involve carefully planned-out productions. No flowers, fireworks or huge theatrics. The truth is, sometimes it all boils down to that single most raw moment that is so unexpected and real, that it just hits the spot. I know…I know. Here I go again talking in riddles. Yes, I do that sometimes.

A few days ago, while my husband and I were watching TV on the couch, he noticed that I was having such a hard time brushing my hair. My hair is at its longest now as it has ever been in years. It really takes time to tame it and make it behave in a certain way. Most of the time, I don’t even bother. I just run my fingers through my hair and that would be my version of “grooming”. At that time, I was in a weird awkward position as I couldn’t figure out my plan of attack, well it was mostly because I was too consumed by what was on TV that I really couldn’t focus on my hair. But without question, my husband took the brush from my hand and he positioned himself behind me. Before I knew it, he just started brushing my hair. He did it ever so carefully. I felt his soft fingers touch my hair as he guided some strands through the plastic bristles of the brush. I froze. The last time I remember anyone ever brush my hair was back in grade school. And it wasn’t like that at all! When my mom brushed my hair, she did it rather haphazardly for like 2 seconds right before I hopped on the school bus. It was a quick attempt to tame my locks and make me look decent enough for school. Aside from her, the only time anyone ever brushes my hair is when I’m in the salon. No one touches my hair, or at least shows the slightest interest in it.

Well that was until my husband decided to brush my hair for me.

I was surprised. To think I myself spend less than a minute on my hair and admittedly, I have the nasty habit of stepping out of the house with dripping hair. But here was my husband who was taking his time to gently caress and brush my hair as patiently as he could. He did it with much concentration and focus it was almost strange. No, it wasn’t like an expert kind of brushing that you get in the salon. To be honest, I think I would be a little concerned if he ended up expertly flipping and tossing my hair the way hairstylists usually do. Yikes right? But it wasn’t at all like that. It was more like a sincere kind of gesture from a husband who wanted to make his wife feel beautiful.

That moment for me was so pure and intimate that I felt a huge lump form in my throat. Before I knew it, tears started streaming down my face! I didn’t know where the tears were coming from. I was surprised by my reaction and I can’t explain why I was feeling that way. All I knew was that those tears came from a place that was so honest and real. It was some sort of a sensory overload knowing that someone was doing it out of pure devotion and love. The unspoken words that I felt were “I will take care of you” which was embedded in every simple brush stroke. It was so simple with no frills at all. It had nothing to do with being showered with diamonds, or being serenaded by a grand chorale . All it took was 20 intimate minutes for a husband to pamper his wife. 20minutes. That’s all it took.

I wish I can say that I am merely over thinking such a simple gesture. For all we know, he was probably just annoyed that I couldn’t work with a mere hairbrush and that he wanted to put an end to my misery. But as I recall, this wasn’t the first time that my husband did something quite similar. See I was once down with a fever. To distract myself, I wanted to paint my nails as an attempt to add some cheer to my rather dreadful day. I casually asked the husband if he would paint my toenails. I half expected he’d say no being the manly macho type of guy that he is. Although he had that puzzled look in his face, he paused for a bit to think and then he agreed to take on the challenge. It took him a long time to finish though. He took FOREVER. But I found the whole thing amusing as I watched him nervously paint each toenail with precision and how he did it ever so slowly so as not to smudge at the corners. Beads of sweat were forming on the creases of his forehead. When he was done, he had this worried look on his face. He was so eager to get my stamp of approval. But the truth is, I couldn’t care less if he splattered red nail polish all over my feet! I rushed to give him the biggest tightest hug a wife can ever give her husband. I was so touched that he even tried. I thought it was the cutest thing ever.

God I live for moments like that. If one day when I’m old and gray and I start losing my memory, I can only hope that its those kind of simple uncomplicated moments that will stay in my mind and heart, the longest. If only I can hold on to those memories forever, I will.

6 thoughts on “The Sweetest Thing

  1. I’d like to say that in those times when remembering moments like this are difficult, I’d be the one to tell you. But I suspect my memory will go before yours. šŸ˜€

    Seriously, yes, do cherish them and remember them often so that they get imprinted in your memory to the point it will take physically scraping your brain to forget. And yes, love is not in the grand gestures but in simplest of acts.

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