Thoughts on Looking for Alaska

I’ve finished reading John Green’s “Looking for Alaska” over the weekend, and my head is abuzz with famous last words, seeking the Great Perhaps and finding ways out of labyrinths. Let’s just say it really gave me a lot to think about.


In my opinion, there are books that exist for the sole purpose of entertainment and allow the reader a momentary escape into another reality, and there are books that speak of great truths that inspire you to take that one bold leap and make a difference in the world. There are also  books that can’t help but strike a chord and help you recall your own personal story or experiences in life. This book for me, covers all three points.

This is my third YA novel and my first John Green title, which as I’ve learned is a winner of the 2006 Michael L. Printz Award.  I must say that I am impressed. John Green is a brilliant writer and his larger-than-life characters really pop out of the pages. Although I did feel like 16 is still a tad bit young to be tackling such mature content but I guess there’s always teenage hormones to blame for that. It also made me wonder about myself if at that age, did I ever get lost in my thoughts trying to analyze our reason for existence? I think back then I was mostly concerned about shallow nonsensical things like what was for dinner, or how I desperately needed to pass math that semester…you know stuff like that.

The way the story unravels and how the characters relate to each other were beautifully-portrayed. It made me laugh and smile and yes, it also made me tear up in some parts which I think is a characteristic of a good book as it should stir things up on an emotional level, otherwise all is lost. If the rest of his books are as interesting as this, then I will definitely check out John Green’s other literary works.

So have you read this book? What did you think about it? 🙂

8 thoughts on “Thoughts on Looking for Alaska

    • yup check this out. the fault in our stars is in my “to-read” list. but before i jump on to that title, i’m taking a detour with “paper towns” 🙂

  1. we are sooooo friends. i read a lot. my eyes are suffering for it now. i will definitely look for this at kindle. Sorry, i gave up on papers since becoming a mom. It suck, I know. But someday i am going back to real books again.

    right now I am reading haruki murakami’s IQ 84.

    • hey Denise! happy to know that you love reading! i’ve been contemplating on getting a kindle or any e-reader for that matter but scared that it might be difficult to get “lost” in a device, as opposed to flipping through pages. yes read this! i’ve never read a haruki murakami book ever. i should definitely check his books out now that i know you’re reading ’em! 🙂

  2. Have read this two years ago, I think. I repeatedly saw quotes from it all over Tumblr so I walked over to Fully Booked to get it. Took me three branches before finally getting a copy and I finished it in two days. I was, of course, crying my eyes out, by then. (Wrote about it here:

    I agree, the kids were far too mature for their age but I am guessing (after reading The Fault in Our Stars) that John Green uses mature topics via young adults, always. Have any thoughts on Paper Towns or The Abundance of Katherines? It was nice daw but not as nice as Looking for Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars.

    • I tried flipping through Paper Towns but for some reason, I lost interest after a few chapters so I didn’t get to finish it. Haven’t read The Abundance of Katherines too. I’ll probably read The Fault in Our Stars since a lot of people say it’s really good. Thanks for dropping by Tara! 🙂 Love your review of Looking for Alaska. You make the best book reviews! 🙂

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