Hydroculture Plants

Yesterday, the family and I decided to troop over to the mall for dinner. After dinner, we decided to pick up a few things. Hub went to the bike store (his version of Disneyland), while the rest of us went to a store that sells indoor plants.

I’ve been contemplating on buying some indoor plants for the home and office for quite some time now. I was close to buying a cactus but while doing research I read that Feng Shui experts say, cactus plants aren’t recommended for office as it brings in negative energy and affects office harmony. Okay, I’m not really big on Feng Shui but since I’ve read about 6 articles that say Cactus plants are a no-no, then I won’t push it.

The shop is called Miura and they sell Hydroculture plants. These are plants that are grown without soil and instead they use water-absorbent pebbles that are enough to provide moisture and nourishment to the plants. Apparently, these hydroculture plants are cleaner, safer (no pests) and are less maintenance as they require less frequent watering. Just two teaspoons of water 2x a week and these don’t even require ample sunlight! Perfect!

You can choose from an array of plants but I picked two fortune plants, one that is smaller, priced at P200 ($4.74) which  includes the ceramic pot. It now sits prettily in our coffee table at home.Image

By the way, that eco bag that you see in the background is a favorite of mine. I love the print, the size and the fact that it’s waterproof. Also comes with its own little pouch so you can store it in your bag when not in use. The best part about it is that it’s el cheapo. Just P100 ($2.30)  from a stall in the Ayala MRT station. Steal!

Going back, the bigger fortune plant is now on my office desk. This was one was priced at P 300(roughly $ 7) and comes with a plastic pot. If you prefer the ceramic pot, you just add P 50 more. I chose this plastic one as the color scheme goes with the rest of my office decor.


See? Blends nicely don’t you think? I also love that little lady bug accent on the pot. It came as a freebie. Image

I’m loving these plants! They make me smile. Who knew such inexpensive things can instantly light up a room!

For details on hydroculture plants, go to Miura’s website.


3 thoughts on “Hydroculture Plants

  1. Orange nga ang fave color mo. 😉
    Never knew low-maintenance pala siya (imagine 2 tsps of water twice a week), so i might buy one soon. =)

    • Oo nga orange na! It wasn’t even a conscious thing. It just happened! 🙂 yup it’s so low-maintenance, but I’d still like to give it a week or two and then let’s see. 🙂

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