The Daddy

2009 was the year the husband officially became a Dad. At the hospital while I was still groggy from all the meds and was in dire pain from the C-section, the moment I saw the husband carrying our 8.12 lbs. baby in his arms, I knew he was smitten. It was a moment that I did not want to interrupt. It was his first shining Daddy moment.


It feels like it was only yesterday…now their relationship as father and daughter has grown immensely. They play games together, they sing and dance like the goofballs that they are, and yes, on occasion they have fights too. Between us parents, he has taken on the role of disciplinarian, which at times does not sit well with the little one. Oh she’s fierce, this one. Not at all intimidated by the size of her father. I can already tell that she has quite the rebellious streak that he once had too. They’re so alike in so many ways but both so unaware of it.

But in those times where I stand witness to their simple bonding moments like seeing them both veg on the sofa while watching cartoons, or sharing a cone of ice cream, it just makes my heart… swell.


So to the Daddy in her life/the Man in my life, this post is for you. You rock our socks off!  Happy Father’s Day! 🙂


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