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Remember when I blogged about this doll before? Here’s the post. It was one of those projects that I worked on while I was nesting. Yeah, the little girl was still baking in my tummy when I made this little doll. I had a doll kit complete with materials. The stuffed body was already made. I just had to sew in everything else. Image

So  when my kid managed to dig up this doll after all these years, I recalled how much fun it was to work on that project. I also fondly remembered the group behind it. I touched base with them and I’m glad that they were open to the idea of a blog feature. Thanks Trisha for accommodating me 🙂

Here’s my short Q&A with Manikako…

How did Manikako start and who are the people behind it?
Manikako was created to raise funds for the House of Comfort Art Network until it became an independent organization last 2009. The people behind it are Hannah Liongoren, Gabie Osorio, Joey David-Tiempo, Trisha Uy and Jan Denise Dizon.
What is the advocacy behind Manikako?
Manikako has three goals:
1. Fund free doll-making workshop for less fortunate Filipino children.
2. Inspire volunteerism among the youth.
3. Provide livelihood to needy communities.


How did Manikako evolve throughout the years?
Creativity makes us all equals, so we now offer our free doll-making workshops to all, regardless of age, culture and social class.
Any memorable milestone you’d like to share?
The 100 Doll Exhibit and Auction that included National Artists Napoleon Abueva and Abdulmari Imao held in 2008. Here are some event photos.
ImageImageYou can read about this event here and here. For more recent events of Manikako, check out their Facebook page.
How much are your doll kits and where are these available? 
A Manikako kit costs 200 PHP. They are available through online ordering. We also sell them at the Liongoren Gallery, 111 New York St., Cubao, Quezon City.
Here are some more interesting and quirky dolls that I found on their Facebook page.
And some adorable custom dolls
For more details about Manikako, visit their website or Facebook.

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  1. Hello, I’ve been trying to contact Manikako for a donation I want to give them. I did get a reply expressing interest in it but afterwards no longer heard from them again. I wrote to them through their website’s email. Do you know how else I can reach them for a follow-up? Thank you!!

  2. hello ma’am, I’m Shey, a TV segment producer for a program that features modern initiators of change in our society. I’m very interested in Manikako’s advocacy, and I’d like to request for their contact number or email address. I hope you can help me get in touch with them too.

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