Ilocos Trip – Part 4

Okay I know this is long overdue. This is the last installment of my Ilocos trip series.

After the Malacanang of the North, our next destination was the Marcos Museum in Batac. These are Imelda’s Ternos on exhibit. The Terno is a Philippine traditional gown or dress that is worn during formal occasions.


And some of her other memorable outfits.


Old luggage collectionImage

A point to ponderImage

Here’s a history lesson as shown in vehicle plate numbers. 8 is for Congressman, 7 for Senator, 3 for Senate President and 1 of course, for President.


Just a mere walking distance from the Museum is a popular place for one very famous treat — the Empanada. The empanada is a meat pie. The ilocano empanada is somewhat different in appearance than the usual empanadas that you find in other regions. This one is bright orange. Here is how it is made.

Mongo sprouts, ilocos longganisa and an egg yolk.


After wrapping up the empanadas, these are thrown into a hot pan to deep fry.


Chow time!

Best served with Sukang Iloko (Ilocos vinegar).

For those interested to visit sometime June, they have an Empanada festival. It says so on this billboard. Might be worth checking out.

To cap off the day, we wanted to appreciate the beautiful sunset so we headed off to Pangil to check out this rock formation, that supposedly looks like a man and a woman about to kiss. We parked on this side of the road.

Flipflopping amidst rocks and what appears to be corals that have dried up

And here’s the rock formation. Can you see it?  You should see the side view of two people who are about to kiss. Or at least that’s how they describe it. It could just be two people talking….but then again where’s the romance in that? 🙂

The water is crystal clear

The sun setting in the horizon was absolutely stunning. We hung out here for a while.

This absolutely breathtaking view was what capped off our Ilocos weekend. I was almost sad to leave but we had to head back to the hotel so we can pack up our stuff.

Ilocos Norte was the perfect backdrop for our family vacation. The culture is rich and you can feel that the Ilocanos are really proud of their heritage and that they make an effort to preserve it. Each town has its charm and has something unique to offer. The natural landscapes are also at its best. You just have to breathe it all in.

And don’t get me started about the food! There are so many unique eats. And although I didn’t get to try everything, that gives me more reason to come back.



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  1. Love your Ilocos entries. I miss Ilocos, kahit 4 times na akong nakapunta. Something about that province makes me want to go back! 🙂

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