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If you’ve been following this blog, you’d know that photography is one of my absolute favorites. There’s really nothing like a picture perfect shot to show textures, landscapes or simply capture those very priceless moments.

Today I am featuring the work of one of the photographers I truly admire. It so happens that the photographer was a dear classmate back in gradeschool. Her name is Hazel Alvero. She’s also a mom and a wife, who juggles family life and her career.

Yup that’s her. She likes playing with her son’s toys when she’s not working and he’s not looking. 🙂

Read on.

What got you interested in photography? Was it always your dream to be a photographer?  

I’ve always wanted to take pictures (even if it doesn’t include me). I somehow think it has something to do with owning a key chain pocket camera (micro 110) way back in the 80’s. Imitating my dad taking pictures, with his OLYMPUS SLR. I remember begging for a larger number of shots every time my parents goes to Columbia, somewhere in Cubao. I dread dark blurry photos when light was insufficient, trying to capture a “Kodak Moment”.

As change was constant, so was my school allowance. I was able to get a hold of a 35mm film camera. It was handy enough and had a thing called flash with 36 shots or sometimes 38. Practical? Not after getting your film processing fee.

Digital Age came since then. Yep. I did buy a point and shoot camera, and was not quite happy with the limited functions. Upgrading was not urgently needed. Priorities came first and hobbies were sitting somewhere in my bucket list.

Thankfully, I was able to keep up. Bought my first DSLR after quitting my job and made way on learning more about my passion.

Do you have a style/inspiration when it comes to taking photos? What is your philosophy when it comes to photography?

Well I am a self-motivating person, and I get inspired by just about everything (the weather, nature, other people’s artwork, my friends and family… name it!). Philosophy? Just capture the energy, emotion and the true spirit of any occasion. 😉

What are your favorite objects or moments that you like taking photos of?

Almost everything that’s not boring. Hmmm… How do I put this… Let me enumerate.

1. Weddings

I love weddings! It’s an occasion where everyone is looking Fab! The effort, the details, the fresh flowers with vivid colors.

2. Concept Themed Shoot

New ideas are always on top of my list. It brings out the most creative side of me.

3. Kids

Pure fun moments. Ang KULIIIIT!!! 

4. Street Photography

Beauty in chaos

5. Travel Photography

The word itself, “travel”!

6. Still Life

The most obedient subject of them all :p

7. Long Exposures

Amazing details!

Would you mind sharing some photos that are your absolute favorites and please share what makes these photos special for you?


This was the first wedding gig for RedawnEvents for documentation purposes. I am super thankful for the opportunity. The spark of interest started.



These photos gave way to work with the most passionate people, my friends (the photographers, the MUAs, the models). Whenever I look back to these photos/albums, I remember that it was just once a dream for all of us.


I will never forget getting roast in the sun. Well for what it’s worth, it landed in 8 Magazine as a featured photo. A local magazine from region 8, now distributed nationwide.


Image Joined LSFInc.’s activity on street photography. It’s amazing how much you learn and see when you go out of your comfort zone.


The Intense feeling of shooting long exposure shots along the longest bridge in the country, during its busiest time of the day. My legs were still shaking when I got home.


Breathtaking view. Took this shot while the car was moving. The town buried by the volcanic ash. Truly, God works in mysterious ways.

How do you manage juggling being a mom, wife and managing your own photography business at the same time?

Well that’s simple. I’ve got plenty of time. I sleep when I’m driving. LOL! Honestly, it’s exhausting doing a lot of different things at the same time. My mobile phone and desk calendar are my best buds. Not until this year that I got extra help from my book type organizer and post-its! Good thing my family is very supportive with my passion. My son being “malikot and makulit” all the time takes his studies seriously though. I think it has something to do with our reward and punishment system (evil laugh)! Also, believe it or not my son prepares my food (puts food on my plate) sometimes,  while my husband cooks when he’s left with no other option. We live in a crazy world don’t we?

Thanks for letting me feature your work Hazel! 🙂

Hazel Alvero Photography

FB Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/hazelalvero

Website: hazelalvero.com

Contact nos: 0917-4986059 or 09228166443

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