Ilocos Trip – Part 1

It’s mid-week and I owe you a post about my amazing weekend.

My family escaped the city and headed North. It was an 8 hour road trip but so worth it. We went to Ilocos Norte for the weekend. I’ve come to realize that it’s a province that is rich in culture and heritage, and also boasts of so many amazing natural wonders. There’s so much to see and experience! Not to mention the array of gastronomic delights that this locale offers, is quite endless. It really hurt my diet.

Here are some highlights of Day 1 in photos.

Cape Borjeador (Burgos Lighthouse), a cultural heritage structure frequented by a lot of tourists. It was scorching hot at the time but we enjoyed the cool breeze once we reached the top.

Chillin’ by the lighthouse. This part is very scenic. Nice for photoshoots. Because of the blistering heat, shorts and a cool shirt would be the staple outfit. Wore my flipflops as we were headed for the beach later that afternoon.

This is the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. Kapurpurawan came from the word “puraw” in the Ilocano dialect which means white. The rock perched on that cliff looks like an ark.

We had to go on horseback to the nearest point we could get to the rock formation. That’s the hub carrying the little girl.

Our next destination was the majestic windmills. I’ve been seeing these in photos for the longest time but it really is a different experience to see it up close. It’s huge! And once you’re underneath it, you hear a loud swoosh sound that can give you goosebumps.

Hub and the little one pointing at the windmills. Cheesy but cute.

Tala giving Mommy a kiss. She really is the sweetest. Baby girls are such a joy.

We trooped over to the popular beaches of Pagudpud. Apparently, Pagudpud isn’t just one beach. There are about two or three beaches. This one is called the Blue Lagoon. No need for explanations here šŸ™‚

And this was lunch. Those steamed lobsters were a gastronomic dream!

We checked out the other beach in Pagudpud called Saud Beach.

Here’s Daddy and the little girl testing the waters.

More vacation photos soon šŸ™‚


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