There’s a First Time for Everything

Just got back from out-of-town and the break was exactly what I needed. I feel refreshed and recharged! I got to enjoy the sea breeze (which I will blog about separately), and had some first-time experiences, worth blogging about I think.

On Saturday, we went to Pugad which is an outdoor adventure spot in the town of Pugo in La Union. If you know me well, I am so not the adventurous-outdoorsy type of gal. My idea of fun, is vegging out on a sofa with chips and dip while watching my favorite sitcoms. So everything that I did that afternoon, really pushed me out of my comfort zone. WAAAAAYYYY way out of my comfort zone.

I tried my hand at rappelling for the first time. Yes me, can you believe it? Needless to say, my knees were all jell-o the moment I saw how high we were. My heart raced so fast that I could barely hear the guy giving instructions. My heart was going BOOM BOOM BOOM like loud cymbals in my ears. Finally, when I mustered enough courage to go for it, I took in a lot of deep breaths and kept telling myself “Fear is just a state of mind. Fear is just a state of mind” over and over and over again… like a broken record in my head.

Great thing is, that mantra worked like a charm. I started to forget about being scared and actually enjoyed myself. You can tell from this pic that I was having the time of my life. HA! I did it! 

Can you believe I didn’t stop at rappelling? I also tried my hand at wall-climbing. Yes, also a first-timer. Call me an outdoor adventure virgin. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to reach the top. Since I had to go on barefoot, the stones were scorching hot that they burned the soles of my feet. Lesson learned: Always bring the proper footwear for these things so you don’t have to go barefoot and scald your feet in the process.And lastly, Hub and I decided to go on the Zipline together. This was us getting strapped on to the cable.

And then away we goooooo………

I’m amazed at how Hub managed to take this crazy shot while we were in mid-air. And how he managed NOT to drop the camera the whole time.

Finally, we landed on this scenic spot inside the huge park and had to walk all the way back. The surroundings were quite lovely.

All in all, it was a great experience. Hey! like I always say, I’m willing to try anything at least once. 🙂

If you want to check out Pugad, this is their website.