Summer Fun for the Little One

My toddler can be quite the restless one especially in this Manila heat. So how do you make summer a fun thing for your kids?

1) Get an inflatable pool

That way you don’t need to go to a resort just to have your kid splish-splash in the water. This was gifted by the doting grandparents.

Just make sure to never leave the child unattended. And don’t say you haven’t been warned… once they’re in the water, they may never want to get out.

2) Treat your kid to a fruit shake

In this scorching weather, it’s okay to give your kids a fruit shake. Hey, it’s refreshing and healthy! The little one seems to like this freshly-blended ripe mango smoothie.
How about you? Any “summer fun” toddler tips you’d like to share? 🙂


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