Wonder Woman

This button pin reminds me of how much I used to love Wonder Woman as a kid. Someone gave this to me yesterday and my eyes just lit up.


I used to watch Wonder Woman all the time as a kid. I wouldn’t miss a single episode. She was my ultimate idol. No one can kick ass like she does and still look absolutely stunning.

I fondly remember her this way.


But apparently, her look has evolved so much through the years that even Hollywood had their own versions of the iconic heroine. Image

Jennifer Connelly


Adrianne Palicki. Umm..did her show ever air at all???


Megan Fox

So who do you think wore it best?

If you ask me, I still dig the old Wonder Woman costume. Yeah with the high-cut panties with stars all over. Guess I’m just old school like that.



One thought on “Wonder Woman

  1. Linda Carter’s eyes make her all the more the Goddess. I adore Jennifer Connelly’s beauty, and Megan Fox too! I really can’t tell. Next question pls..

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