The T-Shirt Designers

Today I am featuring a young creative duo, behind the home-grown brand Tagpi Disenyo. Tagpi is a Filipino word derived from “Tagpi-tagpi” which means “Patched up”. “Disenyo” means Designs.

Meet the 22 year old entrepreneurs, Rhej and Mariko. Rhej Bartolome is a a Psychology graduate, while Mariko David is an Entrepreneurial Management graduate and works in a real estate company.

Their approach to designing customized shirts goes beyond the usual silk screen or textile prints. Read more on my interview with Rhej.

What inspired you to get into the t-shirt business?  

“My best friend and I love arts and crafts ever since we were in high school. We love to create something unique out of ordinary things, especially when it comes to our clothes. Since we are shirts-and-jeans type of girls way back in high school, we decided to create unique statement shirts with the details being sewn in, instead of the usual textile/rubberized print. We want to make something that will last longer and maximize our money spent on our shirts.”


So how did you start the ball rolling?  

“We started with our own personal shirts. We will cut our desired details and then hand stitch the designs on the shirts hence, the birth of “TAGPI” Disenyo. We will wear it, then ask our friends if they want to order the same shirt. It was scary at first, but then slowly orders started coming in. We had our first break when we had a bulk order of customized shirts for an organization in U.E Caloocan. As the demand rises, we now shifted to machine stitching.”

How long does it take to make a Tagpi Shirt? 

“We are making shirts per batch since we want to maximize our effort, time and resources. From purchasing the materials, cutting and machine stitching, each batch takes 4-5 days after the 50% down payment, but it depends on the number of orders lined up.”


Which of your designs is your favorite? 

“Our first batch of hand stitched shirts (Our so called “mission accomplished shirts”) –because it seemed so personal to us, especially when we’re just starting. They are the result of tired hands and happy hearts.”


What are your price points? 

“The price for every customized shirt will depend on the shirt size and design. Everyone has the freedom to choose their preferred design but must consider limitations according to our capacity. The shirt’s price usually ranges from Php200 – Php400 per piece, varsity jackets starts from Php1000 and polo ranges from Php900-Php1000.”Image

For inquiries, visit their facebook page. Tagpi Disenyo will be participating in Agahan’s Earth Hour Acoustic night on March 31.