I am strangely drawn to this artwork. Something very sinister but beautiful about it. It is called The Silent Hero.


There are times when I look at it and it sends shivers down my spine. But sometimes I look at it and I am in awe with the kind of imagination and thinking that went behind the artwork. It makes me ask a million questions. Is she a water nymph? a she-devil? an alien? Why does she have a cute little three-eyed creature in her mouth? Why is this piece called “The Silent Hero”? Is that creature in her mouth the silent hero and the lady is its puppet?

I am still debating with myself if I should frame it and put it up on my wall. It might scare the 2 year old or, she might end up asking me a million questions which I cannot answer.

Another signed print from Tara McPherson’s recent visit to Manila.